Friday, August 22, 2008

I AM A BLOGGER (Stage 2- Going Green)


Ooo, yup, this is the next stage of I AM A BLOGGER(^^){IBLOG}. This is also a new look for I AM A BLOGGER(^^). After going through deep consideration , I have decided to create this new going-green look for I AM A BLOGGER(^^) poster. In this poster, I used very simple words and stickers to express the new theme for the group. In short, I am going green, so does, I AM A BLOGGER group. Hence, under this new stage, not only I would try my best to promote the group and the fellow group members' blogs, I would also like to instill an environmental-vibes into the mind of most people. As you can see from the new poster, the theme is "Going Green - Love Our Earth! I do, but, do you?"

Under this new stage, I would:
  1. Write more articles on environment issues
  2. Introduce more ways to save energy
  3. Learn more about environment
  4. try to spread greenness to everybody

Even though I am still quite new in this environment thingy, I will try my best to really help the environment by starting to go green. Some people might think that my ability to spread green is very limited. But, I am sure that people who care about the environment will be influenced by me sooner or later.{I sound so evil leh(^^)}. Well, if I put my heart and soul into something, I am sure that the results will be fruitful.

Therefore, a few easy ways to start to save the environment:

  1. recycle, reuse, and reuse
  2. save energy by using energy-saving light bulbs
  3. don't let the water running while brushing your teeth, shaving...
  4. try to make natural fertilizers using organic wastes
(Even though these ways are not very fresh and new, how many person actually really do that? If you do, then, it is great. You can go to the next stage. Anyway, my group is not that big, but, one day, I hope I really can touch people hearts and they start to save the environment.)

Lastly, just like my blog desciption:
Love Our Nature! Save Our Trees! Love Our Environment! Save Our Future!

{p.s: I also change my blog icon again, isn't it cute!Photobucket


cazzycazz said...

Hey im totally wt u to go GREEN!! In fact i sleep without air-con almost everynight, i recycle my cans, newpaper, etc.... Im also coping & learning the Green way of livings....Good job & keep it up! Im so proud of you.... God Bless

BeArLeOnG89 said...

I love the poster. Simple. Well done!

Xjion89 said...

hey,thanks. You are doing a great job oso.

hehe, thanks. I know that u r an environmentalist already./ Keep it up!(^^)