Thursday, July 24, 2008

Extravagant Nuffnang Gift Idea(^^) - Awesomely cool.

I really like the idea of giving a gift to a special person and nuffnang gift idea contest has given me a chance to do so without troubling myself. This is all because of, an online-shopping mall that provides shoppers all sort of conveniences, like I don't have to drive all the way to the shopping to look for the perfect gift.(Petrol is very expensive nowadays(^-^)). Furthermore, there are so many products, that I think I will have no problem finding a good gift at all.

Nuffnang means "cool" in Jafaikan. Yup, I am giving a nuffnang gift a.k.a a cool gift to a fellow nuffnanger. It is very difficult for me because I have to decide who to give to, what gift, and why I give this gift.

Before I reveal everything, haha, let's me show you what were the gifts that I was planning to give that lucky person.

At first, I was planning to give the lucky nuffnanger this magnificent vacuum cleaner. Well, the vacuum cleaner is for her to "suck" tightly her future husband. Haha, but, after second thought, hmm, I think she most probably don't need it and this sounded a bit harsh.

Porcelain Aromatherapy Night Light

Coming up next, it was an exquisite porcelain aromatherapy. Personally, I really like this gift myself. I think she will love it too. I want to give this gift because this can really "zen" her soul and spirit. However, when I check this item's details, it was currently sold out. Too bad!!!(><). I guess I have to make another choice.

Finally, I have chosen something very nice, suitable,common, yet, very in need. Waaala........

SOEHNLE Volga Body Balane Bathroom Scale

Now, officially, I am going to present this gift to the fellow nuffnanger,


Actually, I have noticed that seen is very busy recently doing her work. She hardly has any time to update her blog. I feel guilty because I recommended her to start her own blog. This is why I am going to give her a scale or a balance - to balance up her miserable, busy, and tired life , by the way, don't forget to balance her weight.(^^)

This has been a very pleasant experience to me because choosing gifts online is definitely interesting. Besides, it is also very convenient.

Finally, I hope that seen will really like my gift to her.

P.S: Sorry, guys!!! Actually, I wanted to spread the gifts to all the blogger's friends that I have known and linked. So, if I have another chance, I will definitely dedicate the gifts to you all.(^^)

Post content: Sincerity 90%, creativity 10%, effort priceless(^^)


seen said...

so sweet of you
thanks.i really like it

Xjion89 said...

Glad that you like it. (^^)