Monday, March 22, 2010

My Wonderland (72 Tenants, Avatar, Burger King)

Omg, I just realised that I hadn't updated for more than a week! There were a lot in my mind! But, some of them were washed away by time. Yet, I would try my best to remember some beautiful memories! That's is why My Little World is My Wonderland! Haha, isn't this obvious? I am going to talk about Alice in Wonderland! But, at the same time, I will talk a bit about 72 TENANTS and also AVATAR!!!~~~ I warned you all, this is gonna be a super duper long post!

Chapter 1: 72 Tenants

Firstly, 72 tenants! Well, it was a bit over-rated! Even though Anita Yuen is still my favourite actress, she seems to lose her own style already! But, the complimentary passes were really worthy because the whole cinema was full-house even in Jusco Balakong there! Crazy ~~~~~~The storyline was a bit predictable - all well that ends well ~~~ But, several guest actors really did make a huge impression!
  • Shermaine 佘诗曼 - The Landlord lady - super fierce and totally not her image at all! It was a great try for her. But, her appearance was too short!!!!!~~~
  • 钟嘉欣 had to kiss 王祖蓝 so many times(@@)~~~
  1. Cast: 8/10
  2. Storyline: 5/10
  3. Development: 4/10 (climax)

Chapter 2: Alice's Wonderland in Midvalley
Last Wednesday (17-3-10), after class, me and my gang of friends wondered our way to a Wonderland - Midvalley! Our plan was to watch Alice in Wonderland. But, to our surprise, the wonderland was filled with people! Yes, we were drowned in a sea of people. Horrible!!! Then, when we queued for the tickets for 4.30pm show. The screen were showing selling fast, but there were still about 30 reserve tickets left. But, the stupid staff would not check for us! Super lousy!!!! Anyway, at the end, we ended up buying tickets at GSC SIGNATURE GARDEN!!!! YES, THE TICKETS WERE 100% more expensive(RM15)! 


Oh, in conjunction of Alice's Wonderland showing, Mivalley also created a Wonderland of its own! I have to say: it was amazing!!!! Everything there was quite detailed and beautiful!!!!~~~~Gonna show you all more photos^^. Anyway, can you all see the GSC Signature!? It was super grand! and all the seats there were double seated which was suitable for couple! I was lucky to have the double seat all by myself. I felt like a RED QUEEN there. hohohoho, laying there, and enjoying the show!

Before the show, we headed for lunch! Yes, we were starved to death thanks to GSC Midvalley! If you got the cash, just go for GSC Signature lah~~~ but, not always lah~~~..hahaha. We had BURGER KING for lunch and thanks to Elaine - she treated us ooooooooooooo !!! Thanks~~~

burger king

Yes, certain restaurants, the bill can be paid via Touch-n-Go card. How convenient!!!!~~~ Again, thanks Elaine for the treat! Thanks~~~~~~~~Milllion thanks~~~~~~~~

burger king

Well, the burgers were super nice! Of course, it was much more tastier than McDonald, but, the price also more expensive. One thing I was surprise and dislike was that there was no more free flow of soft drinks. Haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz~~~~~~~~~~


Here are the models of the day! Hahaha, it was indeed a fun day to relax! But, the crowd was too great! It was super difficult to take photos. People kept on wrecking the scene. ~~~

The Wonderland of Midvalley really attracted people! Wonder why they didn't make Pandora for Avatar?~~~~Anyway, guys, I really had a great time! We should do it more often!(^^)~~~ 

Chapter 3: Avatar in Wonderland 

Well, how would I start this?!~~~ Avatar and Wonderland are both great movies in their own ways! Avatar, took its time to explore the world of Pandora. However, Alice rushed her revisit of the Wonderland. If Tim Burton took another 30 mins to show us how beautiful Wonderland was, I would vote for Wonderland to win! Now, both of them are in tie! Avatar lacked of interaction between human and Navee~~ When everything happened in 3D, it stuck to 3D. There were no direct interactions! In Wonderland, Alice interacted with all the 3D characters like the rabbit, the animals. But, the casts in Wonderland had rather short appearance which led to limitation of acting. Johnny Depp was a colourful vase~~~ So, the rating are~~~
  1. Cast: 6/10 (Well, most of them are in 3D)
  2. Storyline: 7/10 (predictable)
  3. Development: 9/10 (climax was great!)  
Alice's Wonderland
  1. Cast: 7.5/10 (lack of development of characters)
  2. Storyline: 9/10 (Revisiting was a great theme)
  3. Development: 7/10 (climax was too much! need to lengthen the story and time of movie)



Superbearman89 said...

Touch n Go in Burger King? Awesome! A must try. LOL

Bravebear said...

The bf is really eager to watch Alice. I am hesitant though. Is it really good?

Xing Tells You said...

Touch n Go at BK?? cool!
but I don't have one yet...>___< you do that red stripes after one chapter? can teach me on my blog? hhee

Chris said...

How r u? Long time didn';t visit u.

Xjion89 said...

hohoho, remember to belanja me when u come bek ~~~~

well, everything was nice but it was too packed loh~~~ jz watch lah, get student price!

[xing tells you]
ok, it is juz sum simple html codings~~~^^

Xjion89 said...

heyya, thanks fr dropping...haha, getting busier day by day!

fufu said...

王祖蓝... i wanna watch the movie... ops the wonderland at mid valley very spectacular !! nice!!

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, yup, he is the 才子~~~。the wonderland was amazing! i heard they even used the original setting from the movie oooo~~~

Nikel Khor said...

wah..when burger king din have free flow d wor...haiz..cant go le..

from Nikel Khor

Xjion89 said...

haizzz, yalor~~~ so sad! 2 years ago, still got.

pikey said...

I've been looking fwd to watch Alice but hearing the feedbacks, i was a bit reserved now... maybe should lower the expectation when watching it.

Xjion89 said...

well, tat is my opinion only!~~~
u can hv a look and see whether it suits ur expectation or not! ~~~

hahaha, but the Red Queen is super funny lah!!!~~

Pete said...

My daugther is bugging me to take her to see Alice in Wonderland...but I guess I would still like Avatar more! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hahha! Not really tat long XD

The Alice in Wonderland at MV very nice tho.

renaye said...

alice in wonderland movie really sucks. i only like the costume designs and the red queen. nothing more than that. i find the story line quite boring, though interestingly it's a dark story. but still not enough to stun me...

haha. i didn't get into the alice in wonderland in MV. too many kids were there blocking my path!

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, well, u nvr know it b4 u see it^^

yup yup, very nice! the setting in MV is really amazing!

hahaha, the Red Queen is super great! Actually, the movie needs to be lengthen!

oooo, u shud go mah! juz squeeze inside lah! really nice inside!~~

Chris said...

U welcome..

jfook said...

I personally like Alice in Wonderland very much.