Saturday, April 17, 2010

My 200th - My 21 Birthday @ Hai Tong and Gasoline~~~

wow, I have been missing for 3 weeks! Yes, the reasons? The enormous amount of coursework and soon-to-come finals! Right now, I am having anxiety attacks constantly! Haizzz, life of an engineering students is a bit sad until I have no time to update about my 21 birthday which was couple months ago!  For this 200th post (finally), I am saving my 21 birthday for this^^~~~.

Well, if you ask me, what 21 means to me? I feel that nothing changes, just that I am getting older. I don't feel that I have more freedom. Instead, I am feeling that I have more responsibilities. Anyway, to me, birthday celebration is all about foods! Let's start the food fiesta!^^

Stop 1: Hai Tong Steamboat Restaurant @ Serdang [海塘生鍋@沙登]

my 21 bday

This is one of the famous steamboat restaurant in Serdang. I think a lot of people might heard of it^^.  The location is quite secluded! But, if you ask the people around Serdang, I think you will have no problem finding it~~~

my 21 bday

What I love about this restaurant is that there are a lot choices of raw materials. But, there aren't much of the already-cooked cuisine! This might be due to the restaurant also offers grilling-style of steamboat. Well, to clarify my words, let's look at the next photo!

my 21 bday

Yes, I think that me and my housemates were grilling food rather than steamboating! Haha, we GRILLED practically anything, everything, .....Yes, that's why from pics, there were a lot of the round round yellow thingy^^~~~ those were butter^^~~~~~

Rate: 7.5 / 10 ( Everything was just nice!)

Stop 2: Gasoline @ Time Square
Then, the next stop was Gasoline @ Time Square! Well, this restaurant, I have nothing to say!

my 21 bday

When we arrived, we were like invisible! The waiters were absent in sight! Then, my friends joked that the boss might want to save cost, so he employed less workers~~~haizzzzzzz~~~~

my 21 bday
The food there was normal and expensive, and not up to standard! Gasoline in Serdang is like 100 times better than the one in Times Square. So, even though they like franchise, this doesn't means that they would have the same quality and standard~~~~ But, the Secret Recipe Cheese Cake from my friends were super awesome!!!!!(^^) Thanks guys for the cake, but the words on the cake were.....uncommentable@@

Rate: 3.5/ 10 (Lousy Service and Food)

Stop 3:CUTie Kitty(^^)

my 21 bday!
Lastly, thanks for my sister and my housemate for the presents! I absolutely adore them^^
Haha, let's all have a great year ahead!~~~



fufu said...

happy belated birthday :) wow i wanna go back for steamboat!!!!!!!!

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, thanks ya~~~^^ steamboat nice!!!! grill and steam^^

Lisa717 said...

Bro~ nez year invite me to your bday celebration lar~~ i will for sure bring along pressie to u!!! hahahaha..Happie belated bday to you once again~~ God bless^^

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, sure sure^^ thanks ooooo~~~~~~~~

Pete said...

Hai Tong looks good! Not familiar with eating places in Serdang, Have to check out the place one day!

Happy belated birthday!

ç£@Réñ©€ said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Jay. =) Great presents there. =P Have a great year and have lots of great memories. ;)

Borneo Falcon said...

Wow! So many things to eat

Bravebear said...

Eh... U stay near Serdang ke? And I sooo agree with the Gasoline in Time Square. Totally sux! The is also one outlet in Kepong which sux too. It used to be quite good but the service is getting lousier...

And the cat is adorable! hehehe!

Chris said...

happy birthday 2 u ya,,

KwOnG FeI said...

yo..happy belated birthday!!~~~~~
hope it is not too late..
and best wishes for your exam!

vialentino said...

oops...happy belated birthday to u...lots of nice foods in ur pics...enjoying it...glad that u have a big bday celebration

Wai Keong said...

Happy Belated Birthday :)

Xjion89 said...

[pete] haha, it was ok^^ thanks^^

[clare]ahaha, thanks^^

[borneo falcon] gaining weight like crazy these days~~

[bravebear] yup, juz temporary ~~~later might move~~~ yalor, how come Gasoline be tat bad~~><

[chris] thanks^^~~~

[valentino] thanks oooo, keep in touch~~

[wai keong] thanks^^

jfook said...

I quite like "Hoi Tong". The food there not bad. But not Gasoline. haha. You can get Gasoline at Seri Kembangan why need to go to Town Square? LOL

By the way, Happy Birthday!

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, try try mah in Time Square~~~next time, we all know..haha


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