Thursday, August 19, 2010

Big News! (China, Babies-Dumping, Porntip Coolest Quote, 988 Jamal)

China News: Haiz, seeing the world is falling apart, it is so horrible! China suffers the most, I guess. Even though currently replaces Japan as the strong economy country No.2 in the world,  China is plagued with the most atrocious natural disasters and the most saddening human error-results accidents(factory and mining incident). Let's pray for the best for them!Hopefully, China Authorities will also start on a strict regulation on the production factories on safety and environment issues.

Malaysia + US News: Okay, today, I am going to focus own my own countries instead of my own bad luckness! What are the big news in Malaysia that really attract you attention?I focus more on social matters more than politic issues. Yet, in actual, politic, economy, and social issues are all strongly related! For politics, I have no comment because as a University student, it is illegal to involve in politics even though I AM OLD ENOUGH (21) to vote. As for economy issues, I opt for green industry to blossom. But, who will listen to an undergraduate who knows nothing~~ Social, omg, this issue will always be the hardest to solve.

Aren't babies the gift from God? Yet, people would never appreciate them and they return the favour by dumping them into the dustbins like rubbish. So sad to see that Malaysia is having this kind of problem! According to thestar online (2010), "total of 472 babies discarded since 2005 with more than half of them (258) were found dead". This statistics is so horrifying! So, what went wrong in Malaysia? is it because of our weak legitimate authority? weak education system? I think that both play important roles! Currently, government is pushing capital punishment for baby dumping! Hmmm, do you agree with that?In fact, i am torn between yes or no. If yes, because of their cruelty towards their own flesh and blood. If no, because of feeling sorry for their ignorance youth that brings horrible consequences to them. They deserve another chance~

I think young girls and guys must think before they act![三思而后行] Or,youngsters don't read news anymore to know the severity of dumping a baby. Curiosity kills the cat! At the same time, education in Malaysia has to be re-evaluated for approaching this problems as youngsters are becoming more mature as young as 11!~@@ (I was still watching cartoon back then). So, instead of having sex education(Msian not open-minded mah) , Education Ministry should have social education and show them what are the consequences of their actions!
In US drama, it is usually the Social Department who would handle this kind of cases. Malaysia should have 1 tooo~~~~If anyone so happen to accidentally carry a child that you don't want, pass it to the Social Department and they will try to find a good foster family for them. Isn't like this better than dumping babies like rubbish!~ Just read a news that: 29-year-old mother killed 2 of her sons aged 1 and 2 because she thought that she was a bad mother! What a selfish act! If you are a bad mother, give them away! Don't kill them as this would make you the worst mother in the world!

Malaysia News: Another breaking news in Malaysia - Porntip (Thai) Versus Datuk Abdul Razak Musa (As quoted from thestar online, 2010)
Abdul Razak claimed: " the MACC expert witness Prof Dr Peter Vanezis was far more qualified than Dr Pornthip as he had graduated from Bristol University." and "Mahidol University, from where she graduated, was not recognised in Malaysia"

Porntip answered: "But, it's the top five in Asia."

Omg@@ This is by far the best quote I read from thestar online...Hahahahahaha~~~~~yes, have to do research before questioning other people's qualification~~From (2010), in the Asian University Rankings, Mahidol University's ranking is placed 28 whereas University Malaya is places 42. Anyway, Ranking is not the main point in this case; but, the truth and the experience that really count!

Malaysia News: This morning, when I was hearing the 988 morning show, I was shocked to hear the female host crying! I thought something was amiss until just now, the news said that Jamal 988 was banned because of his show causing inharmonious in Malaysia.

What a shock! Firstly, I am not a fan of Jamal. His accent in Chinese was truly from China. Secondly, I don't think that he really causes chaos in our country. Yet, he was just like the reporter reporting the news; at the same time, giving his own opinions. If he was using racist slur, then, yes, he should be banned like the female principle and her little racist speech~ But, from the beginning to the end, he merely stated his own opinions. At the same time, this show was also giving chances for politicians to clarify the misunderstandings and their actions. One of the best example would be the KOMTAR case. 

I still remember a bit of my Moral Studies from Form 5: Kebebasan Bersuara Di Sisi Undang-undang? Was it something like this? Yes, freedom of speech is very important. Hopefully, the authorities will look super into it before judge a person for causing disturbance in the country.




Pete said...

Lots of interesting news, I missed some of them bec rather busy the last three weeks....Thks for the summary!

Xjion89 said...

hahaha~~~u r welcome can keep u uptodate^^

fufu said...

damn i rarely read news now... but glad to catch up here!! hahahaha .... why malaysia like that one?? no freedom at all... how to attract me to go back?

WenYi said...

that's a nice quickie on the latest news :) keep it up~

Xjion89 said...

thanks ooo~~~i rarely read news.
But, sum news must be read~~hahaha~

Xjion89 said...

[fufu]hahaha, i think u r not planning to come bek loh~~~~most probably u wil take Msia as a short getaway when got holiday~~

vialentino said...

wah...great source of news for me to read...nice

Xjion89 said...

yup! i shud become a semi-tabloid-news-reporter blogger~

zara aluwi said...

The way I see the dumping babies, those unmarried couples are taking the easy and yet inhumane way out by leaving the responsibility to society. Besides that, men irresponsibility(because her boyfriend did not want the child )also contributes to the women’s decision to dumped their baby. So it’s not fair to blame baby’s mother only, because men (baby’s father) also a good reason why that issue happen and men (boyfriend) also one’s of the perpetrators of baby dumping.

Xjion89 said...

You are so right!
Yet, women will always be the victim!
Therefore, it is fair to trial both of them!