Thursday, November 4, 2010

Xjion89's Adventures: The Secret Passage~

Oh my, it had been weeks since my last post! Life is just so hectic! Because of research work, it really took hell a lot of time~~(><) Anyway, I still find time to watch some nice movies for free~~

Xjion89's Adventures: The Secret Passage starts when I won a pair of free tickets for Sammy's Adventures:The Secret Passage! Together with my housemate, we went to The Mines@TGV. Now, the Mines is getting better, always renovating.

Sammy's Adventures was not bad! Even though focused on his 50 lifespan, it seemed that the movie was a bit too climaxless? The interaction with humans were actually minimal! The storyline was a bit weak as the important events were not really highlighted. But, I gotta say that the underworld animated was amazing! It made me really want to live undersea. 

Some of my favourite scenes:
  •  Sammy hatched from his shell with his big round eye!
  • Piranhas in town when they reached the amazon river, I guess. 
  • When he was almost killed by the plastic begs. 
Actually, Sammy's Adventures mainly wants to educate us to protect our environment. Because of our doings, other beings are suffering. If we don't stop harmful others, one day, they will be extincted! Let's go green and be protective our flora and fauna. This is the true massage from the movie.

Super duper tired! It is time to rest. Tata, I wonder if there are still people reading my blog(><) Sorry, no time for formal blog visit tooooooooooo><


dUn_K said...

Indeed that The Mines is getting better in certain area (new wing), by the way it is still under renovation ?

uLi.佑莉 said...


Sebastian Workshop said...

Free tickets......nice!

fufu said...

oh you remind me that i gotta so my research work!!

Xjion89 said...

[dun_K] hahaha, only the new office wing~~


[sebastian ] i like it too~~more to come~~

[fufu] u r reminding me rite nw~~

guys, thanks for the support when i am more free will come visit!!!!~~^^

Borneo Falcon said...

I should add this to my movie list

Lisa717 said... did u get to watch free movie all the time eh?? how how how?? teach me please? hehehe..

Xjion89 said...

[borneo falcon]] hahahaha, u shud^^

[Lisa] ooo, some from friends, some from online webbie like GSC^^ juz try ooo~~