Thursday, December 19, 2013

6大《涨》- 6 big Increase, Word of Year 2013

"If you want your children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders", by Abigail Van Burent/  Pauline Philips, Author and Radio Host.

Since 2013, we had been stormed with exciting news from pilihanraya to price hikes. Price hikes currently is the hottest of all in 2013 until 2014. For non-Chinese readers/ Mandarin illiterate, the word 《涨》 can be described as increase/ increment. Basically, Malaysia government decided to adapt this word as their political move. Therefore, regardless of races, languages, etc, this will affect us all, Malaysian directly....... 

The increment of price is to aim reducing the subsidies provided in various sector as a step to improve country income. These numerous increments in prices have somehow burdened the lives of normal citizens. Therefore, let list down the prices increment announced this year:

  • 20 cents increase in diesel and Ron 95 (Aftermath- a foreseeable domino effect in the increase of daily items prices.    
  • 34 cents increase in sugar/kg basis (Aftermath - a direct increase in food and beverages, ie: some hawkers stall took chances to increase 50 cents to RM 1.00)
  • Pork prices have been increased again (Aftermath - eat expensive pork-products especially during Chinese New Year)
  • 15% increase in electricity tariff (Aftermath - a burn in the wallet despite as-claimed by governmental sector that only a small portion of users will be affected, i.e.: electricity usage less than RM77 will typically unaffected)
  • 50 cents to RM2.00 increase in road toll (Aftermath - cost-hike in transportation for motorists, need more money to use the road)
  • Up to 300% increase in state servants salary (Aftermath - more people want to join politics, me toooooo!!!!)

In personal point of view, reducing subsidies perhaps is the way to achieving developed status. However, to such a drastic extent, it will either break or make a country. A sharp increase in daily and business life definitely will take a toll in development instead. A stage-introduction of reduction should be a better way!

Based on the summary, it can be seen that a lot of people will  be disgruntled (learn a nice world recently from uni), unhappy, burdened, etcc................. a tiring post indeed....................Needless to say more (IKAT PERUT) -  

2014 will be a difficult and expensive Year


Mr Lonely said...

2014 will be a hard time for typical malaysian like me

Jay Lee said...

lol, for me as well~ how to survive my current allowance, i am old and still studying ><