Monday, December 16, 2013

PappaRich, Averagely Rich @ Kajang

"We must accept finite disappointment but we must never lose infinite hope", by Martin Luther King, Nobel Peace Prize Winner 1964.

My buddies from Uni. It was such a long time since we gathered for dinner. This was already more than a year ago, I guess. The longer people stay together, they do develop similar behaviour. LOL, even the same camera-shy pose!

PappaRich is not a unfamiliar name and located at Kajang KTM area! As a "last" dinner as Uni-friends, we went to this restaurant for closure (sound overly-serious). On the way to Kajang KTM, you will see definitely see this place. I like it for the ambient and spacious parking area.

We ordered some nasi lemak, nasi ayam, etc. To our slight disappointment, they looked almost the same except for the side dishes (fast food?!). The taste was ok only, yet, the price was above average. Anyway, it was more like we are enjoying the company/ environment rather than the food. 

The drink was quite nice with jelly (^^) And, the bak guo dessert was slightly sweet. Overall, everything was just average, but, definitely a good place to gather!


Ruo Sze 若思 said...
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Yeong Ern said...

Yaya, Paparich at Kajang is only recommended for it's ambiance, the food and price is really just average.
You should try out Kajang satay instead.

Small Kucing said...

why hide the face? LOL

Been to Paparich once...hmm...well let's just say i had higher expectation...

Jay Lee said...

lol, Yup, Kajang is famous for something else. So happen, we needed a nice place to gather^^

Jay Lee said...

My friends are all!!!!

True, over-expectation, not really goood~