Saturday, May 24, 2008

Renaissance: My light of hope

My light of hope

This is one of my favourite pictures which I took from my Uni. It was about 5-6pm when I took it . Well, if I am not mistaken, I was playing volleyball that time.

Actually, this picture, I have oready used it for my chinese blog. But, I really like this picture. So, I decide to repost this picture again. I called this picture " The Light of Hope".

I am glad that I have the chance and at the right time, I capture this photo. For me, it is my light of hope. When people lost hope, they are surrounding by darkness. But, beyond the darkness, you can see a ray of light - a light of hope.

So, when you are depressed, sad, down, don't ever give up. You must face it as the light of hope will always guide you to the right path.

So, here , I am honoured to share my light of hope. Let it be the light of hope to everybody.

Contribute to the victim of the Earthquake in China.

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