Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Orchid Fairland

I have started working already. Working days are not easy. But, that is life. Money!Money!Money! However, now, just put that aside. This time, I am going to write about my holiday. Of course, like everybody, my holiday life is just BORED. But, I did go to an interesting event held in my hometown. Currently, there is an orchid fair here. Well, it is not so grand, just a small fair. But, at least, it is a good pastime activity.

In that fair, I saw uncountable species of orchids. They are so mesmerising. Practically, there is a land of flower there under canopies of tents.

This is the fair.....

A land of orchids.
a land of orchid

Very rare colour orchid.
rare 1

My favourite orchid
loving it

Orchid Arrangement is also an art.
orchid arrangement

My Golden Flower Palace
so golden

Like 3 sisters, the charmed one.
smiling 3

Pure white orchid. So sweet

My final land of orchids

It was really a pleasant trip. To see the nature, to see the flowers, to see the beauties, it is all worth it. So, guys and girls don't miss the chance if there is a flower fair or any fairs. HAHAHA!!!

P.S : Guys also can like flowers.

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