Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Mask

People wear masks for so many reasons. Some wear a fake mask to hide the true feeling. Some wear for ritual reasons. Some wear for fun. Finally, some wear for art. This time I wear for art.

During my long holiday, I was able to find some time to make a mask inspired by Venice. I had made it by using newspapers and painted by using water colour. It is just a simple piece of my artworks. I really like it because it represents me in an artistic way.

Behold my mask:

Hahaha, not that cool and fierce.

Not that yellowish..hehehe

Behold this is my real masks.

little maask

It is a bit fat. Well, I admit that I still have some baby fat.

nice - my work


my artwork

lovely ! red, black, white!

my mask

my mask' eye is glittering.

Lastly, you all must have been waiting for me to wear the mask. Due to certain circumstances, okey, it was scary when I wear the mask. I EVEN SCARED MYSELF. Hahaha! So, just accept the mask as it represents me.By the way, I used my own face as the mould,hahaha, sacrifice for art.


PaperGoat said...

Wah, how you made it? I heard from my friend that we can just simply make a mask with a balloon, are you using balloon to make it? =P

myself said...

Ok, my secret is I used my own face to make it.hehehehe!!!!

BeArLeOnG89 said...

Boleh tahan lah that mask...

myself said...

haha.sure nice time u can try 1.