Thursday, June 5, 2008

Petrol Phenomenal and Petrol Panic

Maybe my title is a little bit exaggerated, but, to me and everybody who has cars, it is really a serious matter. The petrol's price has increased about 70-80 cents. That is a lot, approximately 30 percents. Well, as a wise consumer, hahaha, my mum and I set on a journey to add petrol before the clock struck midnight.

We were on a mission:

1) Add petrol
2) Add petrol
3) Add petrol before 12.

Therefore, around 8pm, I abandoned the computer and started our mission. At first, we went to the nearby petrol station, it was already fulled. We changed to plan B, we went to another petrol station, but, it was even worse. Retrieved to plan A. There was even more people there. But, we didn't give up.

This was the first time, I saw traffic jam because of purchasing petrol. Here are some pictures.

so slow
There are lanes of cars there. So horrible. We were waiting for the queue for so long.

not moving at all
The line didn't move at all. We were suspecting of people “cutting queue”

waiting a queue
Finally, we saw hope.There was Shell poised steadily, even though, hundred of cars were under its roof.

Finally, it was almost our turn. Before, a stupid Waja cut the line as if he was the king of road. I will remember this car forever. People had been waiting for so long. What right does he has to do that? Oh, well, I will not do that because I have dignity and integrity, I will be ashamed of myself for doing that..hahah again(exaggerated)....

Add Petrol ( Mission Accomplished )

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