Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Omg! I was No.1 blogger at wretch.

Actually. I have been blogging for a year in another website called wretch which I think is quite famous in Taiwan.

I still remembered when I first found out this site from my senior sis, Yeeyee Sis. So, at that time, I was still not aware of what is blog. But, after reading some of her articles , I realised that I also have the passion to write and to share my thoughts to everybody just like her. Visit her blog here to find out what she thinks.

At wretch website, I was selected as A RANDOM BLOGGER in this category. Well, some people might think what is the big deal with that. To be honest, for me, it is like winning a lottery. Furthermore, I was No.1 in this category. Omg!!!!!!!!!! Surprise...................Below, the highlighted box is me.............................................

My NO.1

I also received a message from them. It was a congratulation message. I was thrilled, it was not easy to get selected. I was honoured and encouraged to produce more articles.

my message
Thanks !!! Wretch !!!! and Thanks for the people who left message in my blog!

It was really encouraging!

Thanks!(I think I sounded like I won a beauty pageant, hahaha!!!)

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