Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good Times In Charcoal World^^

It was the second time that I had a feast at Good Times a.k.a 碳世界 in Ipoh。 I still remembered that 1st time, I went with Kah Heng, Kok Leong as a farewell for Kok Leong who was leaving to Canada. Oh gosh, already a year had passed. Time flew without mercy(><). This time, I went out with Kokleong who was back and Ziyang since Ziyang was leaving to America. Yup, after Secondary School, we were separated into our own path. I chose my path just as they chose theirs. Again, time flew without mercy(><)

food and wine
Back to the food, Good Times Restaurant actually offer steamboat buffet. Therefore, clearly, this is more worth it for big eaters. Haha, yup, you can eat as much as you want to. We went there on weekdays;so , it was not that congests. I remembered a year ago-me, kah heng and kokleong went there on weekend and it was raining somemore!!! We had to wait for tables><. This time, the situation was totally different on weekdays^^.

food and wine,fun and friends
Yes, a lot of food!!! From raw seafood to grilled chickens, it was more than enough for us! Note: The Steamboat was "powered" by Charcoal!!!!!~~~(^^) Can you all see the fiery steamboat or not?! Super cool !!! No kidding(^^)!!!! [Oh gosh, this is officially a foodie blog liao~~~~~~]

food and wine,fun and friends
Nah, this is the most handsome guy in My Little World history@@ Ziyang, happy or not?! I just gave the title of The Most Handsome to u oooo~~~~~~I am sure you like it and you are enjoying every second in US. Have a great time there^^!

food and wine,fun and friends
Here come the rating
Decoration: 8/10 [Thanks to the charcoal steamboat]
Food Appearance: 9/10
Taste: 8.5/10
Price: 5/10 [Still okay! I can eat as much as I want to^^]


PaperGoat said...

Wahh...such a long-delayed post! Hey I looked not bad in the pic whey, thanks! I miss my long hair though T.T

Wai Keong said...

The last time went there was last year. Ya, the best part is you can eat as much as you want. It would be cheap to those who can eat a lot.

Borneo Falcon said...

Have not try any steamboat powered by charcoal. It's unique

Senghoo said...

Restaurant Good Time!
Been there, narhhh don't like it that much man!

Wei Han said...

how much did u pay?
macam very nice

fufu said...

i am going to ippoh 2days later
say... where should i go??
i dont have transport...
better recommend those within walking distance around the city centre la

Xjion89 said...

[Paper Goat]
hahaha, i wan to enjoy the moment slowly mah~~~
yup, u look better with longer hair~~~

Yup, buffet style, my favourite^^

[Borneo Falcon]
haha, that's why its Chinese name is Charcoal World^^..Quite interesting^^

haha, i like the fact that i can eat as much as i wan 2^^

Rm20-24...less than rm25.....weekdays are cheaper than weekends^^

oooo, tat is difficult! Even though Ipoh is small, it is better to hv sum friends to take u around Ipoh ooo.....

well, u can start from having breakfast at Old Town Xing Yuen Long...or having dimsum at FUshan or Ming court loh....

If you wan to take photos at nice places, u can go to the Ipoh Old Railway Station. Tat building is amazing!!!!

Usually, ppl visit Ipoh would go to the cave temples like Sam Poh Tong, Perak Caves....If you hv time, u can buy pamelo at thereby ...there got Pamelo xi shi^^

then go Kellie Castle~~~ooo~~~
haha, i tot u come frm Perak ooo. Now, u not staying in Perak meh?!

SJ said...

i went there too! sometime ago. haha. not bad la can eat as much as we want to. no one can stop us! unless we got no $$ la. haha

ps you're invited to comment on my post too =)

renaye said...

u better make good memories with ur friends who r leaving for their studies!!

i remember that feelings. it's like when i hear my senpais r graduating... making me feel so sad... but i cherish those happy moments we shared!

Xjion89 said...

Haha, can eat as much we want to(^^) That is enuf!..haha, sure. Will be dropping by soon.

yup, really need to do that! Some of them are not coming for 4 years@@~~~~

Lisa717 said...

wow bro!! I love this post..unfortunately, it's located at Ipoh..adui..dunno when I could travel to Ipoh again..anyway, I wish to taste it in some other day~~ Thanks for the recommendation!!

Xjion89 said...

haha, Ipoh is very near only lah~~~ U sure can try it later^^