Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Glance Back To Japanese Garden Ipoh

Oh my, I just finished packing my stuffs, not much though. It finally arrived - The Start of My New Semester. I am leaving tomorrow and quite a number of my friends are leaving this weekend. I am pretty sure that I would stuck in a chaotic traffic jam and human jam all at once(><). Anyway, 4 months of relaxation, boredom, and last minute busy-ness, I am ready to go back and my friends, may I warn you, I look chubbier than ever!!!![In short, I am fat] Prepare for my huge return! So, as I had said earlier, mixture feelings are unavoidable - happy, nervous, nostalgic, ..... Oh well, life goes on and like most people, when we are out there, home is the light that drives us to the top(^^)~~~~

Okay, recently, I was scanning some old photos of my mom and dad's. Yup, during their younger days, just like the teenagers now, they like to take pictures(^^). and I am the one who have to scan all their photos which most of them are older than me into the PC. Omg, the scanner is ultra slow! It took me about 2 - 3 hours to scan a whole album~~~(@@)..... Then, when we were looking back at those photos, my mom said that when she was young, she would go to Ipoh along with her friends to Japanese Garden Ipoh and then, they would visit the famous Octagon Building [八角楼] for meals. Well, until now, the Japanese Garden is still here yet lack of care and preservation where as Octagon Building was demolished a long time ago. and its land is used as a parking space(What a waste!). However, according to the newspaper, Ipoh is considering rebuilding this once famous building into a tourist landmark.(Hope this comes true)

Yes, this is the old Octagon Building... Back then, they said that it was a liability to the safety of the citizens. Therefore, it was knocked down.[Original Link]

Now, a glance back to Japanese Garden Ipoh. Well, I am quite sure that not many Ipoh-rians nowadays go to the Japanese Garden Ipoh. [More info on its location] Even my mum who used to go there, haven't visited this place for ages. Well, I am a curious person! I want to witness the once-famous Japanese Garden Ipoh.....

Yes, this is the Japanese Garden Ipoh or Taman Jepun Ipoh or イポーの日本庭園 or 怡保日本花园。。。。。(Haha, I just stopped my Japanese Language class. I miss it already!) Well, according to my mum , the arrangement of the garden was still the same. Yet, it was not as nice as it used to be.

I know! The water is very green! But, the koi fish inside the pond manage to survive(@@). To be honest, they really need to take care of it~~~

This is the one garden that lacks flowers too~~~ My house really has more flowers than this garden ooo~~~haha, plus, if you look closely, some of the alphabets were even gone...and, behind the stone light was the super main road! That's why it was really noisy there until I can't hear myself talking! Plant some bamboo will do~~~

It would be an amazing garden if the rich owner take care of it! The opening hours are also very weird. During weekdays, it only opens from 5pm. {so late} while weekends, they open it earlier.

Anyway, it is just a glance back to Japanese Garden Ipoh before I leave. KL, here I come! After staying there for 2 years, I am used to the traffic jams and always delay KTM...Cross-finger....tomorrow no jam and no delays...which is highly impossible!


vialentino said...

hahaha...KL for sure jam on monday ler....btw, very nice japanese garden in it a new garden?

I AM A BLOGGER said...

hahaha, hopefully not!!

haaa, this garden is very old liao~~~ older than my parents^^ hahaha~~~

Bravebear said...

Hmm... about the water for the koi... I cant say for 100% but it should be ok(since i cant analyze the water parameters). The water needs to be green cos it has phytoplanktons as natural feed for the fish. Dont worry... If u can see them swimming around in that green water means it should be okay. But if the water turns into very thick 'pea soup' type and u cant see the fish means the algae density is too high and thats when the fish will suffocate. =P

Calvin Lee said...

Enjoy your studies and good luck! ^^

Borneo Falcon said...

Is this at Seenivasagam Park? There is a Japanese Garden there too but the background in your photos are a bit different from mine. So, I reckon this is somewhere else

Jean said...

agreeable! lack of preservation. nice flower shot anyway!

From me to you, suejean =)

I AM A BLOGGER said...

hahaha, they are still swimming ^^~~~~

Thanks^^~~~~~~~ all the best in ur studies too^^

[Borneo Falcon]
Ooo, this 1 is different from Seenivasagam Park. It is actually located near by the Heritage Hotel and in front of the Turf Club ....

hahaha, thanks^^ love to take flowers^^~~~

soulesscloudy said...

wow... the "Pak Kok Lau" really antique... many ppl protest that time when govt want to demolish it.. but due to safety then no choice..

I been to japanese garden once... its kind of abandon and lack of maintenance now..

DR PARK... its a good place and now also no maintenance.. after rain the park will flood.. so wasted...

Wei Han said...

i never visited before..
free of charge? or nid to pay.

Wei Wen said...

nice pix :)

fufu said...

wow... well now only i know the picture is the ipoh railway station after coming back from ipoh... love the old town with blocks of prewar buildings =p

I AM A BLOGGER said...

hahaha, yalor, maintenanace is very important!!!

of coz, free of charge loh...or else i oso dun wan to visit^^

haha, nw only u notice..haha, the best retirement town in Msia^^