Monday, September 14, 2009

Insectology - The Ants' Circle


Recently, I am very fascinated by insects! Not that I am very fond of them, but they really make good models! However, they are usually patient for a short period of them when modeling for me(><). With my growing interest in photographing insects, I have a new label [insectology]! Yes, I use insectology instead of entomology!!!!

For my 1st-not-so-nice piece, I named it The Ants' Circle. Just like humans, ants do have they own circles. There are working ants, army ants and etc. It really does reflect our own circles somtimes, doesn't it?!

Anyway, for the piece above, I am not very satisfied. Reasons: Too blur and unfocused! Firstly, the light in the room was too dimmed which resulted the lack of exposure for close-up photos. Secondly, the macro-focused of a compact camera was not easy to control! If it was bright enough in the room, then, the result would be delightful! Yes, in order to take clearer pics, lighting is very important. In the defense of my Lumix FS6, it really did a good job even though under the weak lighting of the room!(^^)

[Note: Pretending to be a pro><]

14 days left~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


fufu said...

yeah i quite like this picture... nice though with the an appropriate tittle =p

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, thanks thanks.

i still like ur jumping signature pose^^

Superbearman89 said...

Yea, u r just too free. :P

SJ said...

i can count the ants! 16 of them. a small army? haha. nice macro pic btw! =)

Xjion89 said...

yes, i am! i am going to do a collection

hahaha, thanks^^ a small army indeed!!^^

Pete said...

Maybe can call ants under siege! LOL!

Xjion89 said...

haha^^ that's cool too~~~~

kenwooi said...

lol ants.. the only insect i dare to kill =P

vialentino said...

circle of ants very strong ler...lately my house kena infected by ants.....when i kill one ants there and leave it there.....many ants come and carry him...damn it....good for me to spray them to death...hehehe

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, how abt little strong?!

oh gosh, sound so cruel@@
yup, sometimes they are just plain annoying...they are everywhere....haha

William said...

Some of the ants may be blur but I like the picture. I think it is well taken.

Hackster said...

Insects ftw!!!