Friday, July 3, 2009

Last Day For The Temples>< (Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 3)

Yes, time really flew as it was day 3! The last day for our pass (3 day pass). Therefore, I was determined to walk like crazy with my sprained leg. However, I was not sure whether the other Mr. Lee was up for the challenge.Anyway, Day 2 was really a bummer! No sunrise in Angkor Wat and No sunset in Bakheng - Well, at least, I still had a sunset in Angkor Wat. Haha! Therefore, it was 5.00 am again for us! Haiz, it was sunrise time!

To my surprise, the sunrise was not at the center of Angkor Wat. Well, it was kind of side way sunrise?! Anyway, I came and saw the sunrise, did I! Haha, it was quite nice~~~

Then, before we left, I took some cuties' photo. They were so hot, either beautiful or handsome! Haha!^^

Since it was our last day of visiting the temple, we wasted no time! No time!!! The next stop was Prasat Kravan! Well, initially, Kokleong and the Driver did not encourage me to visit this small temple! I was like what the hell, I paid already! So, don't try to stop me! + We ngam ngam passed by..It was small compared to the other temples. However, it was rather unique because instead of building from stone, it was constructed with bricks!

Then, we proceeded to Banteay Kdei! Well, it was a little bit of letdown because it was really like a miniature Preah Khan. Well, the carvings* there were well-preserved. Of course, if you read a map, opposite Banteay Kdei was actually a beautiful lake! Yes, it was quite nice because it was like a mini-stone harbour! The lake was named Sras Srang(Huiyo, not easy to pronounce!)

Yes, I finally exposed myself in my blog! Well, half of myself~~~ ^^

Then, we went to THE famous temple which was almost comparable to Angkor Wat thanks to Angelina Jolie! Yes, the temple Ta Phrohm was a filming destination for Angelina Jolie's movie - Lara Croft: The Tomb Raider!

Well, if you all remember, there was a scene where Angelina Jolie was in Cambodia in a temple which was overgrown by tree roots! Yup, you are looking at it right now!!!!

At that time, the other Mr. Lee demanded a break! Oh well, the boss is the boss. Then, we went back to guesthouse and asked Mr. Baron to fetch around 1pm. Yes, he was shocked because usually that time, the tourists rarely come out. Hehe, we were the unpredictable! After resting, we continued our journey to East Mebon which was quite similar to Pre Rup on Day 1.

After that, we visited Ta Som which was normal like any temple there....or should I say another miniature Preah Khan!

Well, here arrived a shocker - Neak Pean!!!!!!!!!!Yes, a super cool temple! A must-visit temple even though your tour guide does not suggest to visit! Well, what is so special? Pictures do not lie^^ By the way, it was raining again!

Since we were short of time, we continued our temple hunt to Chau Say Tevoda and Thommanom! Both of them were actually small temples. Yet, I enjoyed exploring small temples because I can observe all the small details^^

Well, the next temple we visited was huge! - - - - -TA KEO~~~~
It was quite a daunting experience! Why? Why the temple is so scary? Haha, yup, it was frighteningly tall! Yes, the stairs were uneven! I was injured that time! Well, I still climbed it slowly ^^

In order to make our way to the final temple of the day, we rushed in our tuk-tuk to Phnom Bakheng. Well, that time, I was a little furious because of somebody who did not like to argue just got on my nerve because he was too blurred! Anyway, I still think that if you or me have any problems, just say it out loud! We can figure it out~~~~

Bakheng for sunset was actually a letdown. Well, the sunset was blocked by a huge, tall, bushy jungle. Yup~~~Anyway, I still love this temple on the mountain which required us to climb to it^^

Our temple hunt ended

By the way, we were too tired to take dinner~~~~~~~~


Anonymous said...

wow nice journey around the temple! =D

Superbearman89 said...

Why put the little star on the top right of the word "carvings"? (^<^)

Borneo Falcon said...

I can spend a whole day here

Chester Chin said...


The place is breathlessly breathtaking! I've always wanted to go to angkor wat

Xjion89 said...

well, it was also tiring and hot^^but worth it~~~

a reminder of ur superior english loh^^

[borneo falcon]
u really can stay day whole day long until 6pm when all the temples closed.

haha, u can go thre when thre is air ticket promo^^.worth visiting~~

renaye said...

the dog is so cute. can sayang?