Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Panasonic Mania - Lumix FS6

Before going to the maniac post, a little life update#
  1. Yesterday, I went to Maybank to buy ASM along with my parents from 9.30am until 2.00pm! Today, no wonder the headline and the cover page story for Perak Sin Chew is "People Lining Up to buy ASM in the Early Morning"
  2. After successfully purchased ASM, I went back to home and straight away fell ill!!! Yes, I was having fever yesterday and my stomach was in a bad shape.
  3. Today, finally update my blog. Even though the fever was down, my stomach is still uncomfortable.
Anyway, life goes on~~~><
If you have read my previous (starwalk, cambodia trip 1, 2, 3, 4), the pictures were taken by my new camera!!! Hehehe, finally, I got myself a new camera!(^^). The camera was panasonic-branded series - Lumix FS6. Plus, I even got 2 cameras, blue one for me and pink one for my mom as Mother's Day Gifts.
Firstly, please don't say that I am rich because I had compared prices among cameras like crazy!!! Actually, I really want to get Nikon-branded camera. However, my cousin sis who was working in the camera shop told me that Nikon compact camera has some technical problems. Therefore, she gave me a guideline in buying cameras or other visual equipments......

  • For compact cameras, the best brand to buy is Canon - because when you develop the picture and print them out, Canon would give you the finest print. But, compared to other cameras, its price would be higher
  • However, if you prefer to view the pictures through computers and televisions, then, Panasonic-branded camera would be a good choice because its view would be better in computer compared to print-outs. Plus, its price is lower than Canon-branded cameras with the same scope.
  • Apart from that, she also told that if I want to buy a DSLR, the best brand to buy is Nikon(^^).
  • Sony cameras have the finest LCD screens; but totally not user-friendly! Last time, during my Cambodia trip, my friend brought along his touch-screen Sony-branded camera. Every time, when he took my photos, I had to wait like 20+++ seconds for him to adjust the mode, brightness....For Sony branded gadgets, get its Handycam!
After listening to her advice, my mind changed like 2 times....Nikon>>>Canon>>>Panasonic. The main reason why I decided to choose Lumix because it is easy to use, cheap, and the colour is quite nice! Apart from that, as a worshiper of cheap-ness, beautiful-ness, and greatness (便, 靓,正), I decided to get an affordable Lumix FS6 with the scopes as below^^
  • 8 megapixel (According to my cousin sis, actually 8 megapixel is enough because higher megapixel would mean longer loading time)
  • 4x optical zoom (To be truthful, FS6 is quite weak in its zoom!)
  • Intelligence Auto (One of my favourite feature because for it is easy to use and automatically detect the surrounding and choose the suitable mode like portrait, close-up...)

Then, here are the gifts for purchasing the Lumix FS6!!!! The lanyard is really handy because when you travel, you can hang your camera around your neck. You don't have to take out and keep the camera frequently.Of course, not only that, I upgraded my 2GB memory card to 4GB. It is important to note that Panasonic camera can use any brands memory cards; however, when you upgrade to 4GB or higher, you have to use back Panasonic branded memory card><


Borneo Falcon said...

You are one of the lucky one to get the ASM.

I agree, Lumix is a good camera. By the way, I'm using Olympus. Mind to ask your cousin sis what is her opinion on this brand?

Xing Tells You said... rich leh! ..haha~ jkjk..>_<

ur lumix cameras look like the lg ice-cream..
i mean the color...hehe~ wanna lick it..XD

so good got give nike shirt oh?

Wei Han said...

i aso wanted to buy ASN, but too late.. sob sob

Xjion89 said...

[borneo falcon]
haha, it took hours though....

About Olympus, her opinion was that its memory card is quite sensitive, especially for water-proof one. Some of her customers lost all the photo before transfering to the pc.

aiyo, not rich loh! now broke already..><

haha, really love the colours^^

yup, nike-shirt, i think is real 1.

[wei han]
Din u read the newspaper? Ppl line up starting from 3am woh...crazy! nxt time, u can do the same geh..haha

sasa said...

owhhh, it's so nice of you to buy a camera for your mom.

i wish i could have a pink camera too~ hehe

PaperGoat said...

How about Olympus's? Hahaha, by the way, where are my pictures? =P

Xjion89 said...

haha, thanks.
yup,pink is really nice^^

Olympus's card sensitive loh...
aiyo, later i upload and tagged u loh...

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