Saturday, June 27, 2009

Khmer Trip of Stone Temple Paradise (Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 1)

Finally, I am so bored until I have the time to edit some of my Cambodia Trip photos. Yes, I took a total of 1771 pics for the whole. (Crazy, isn't). Anyway, to the honest, I was blown away by the beautiful temples in Siem Reap. Even though most people would only remember Angkor Wat, I still enjoy my visit to some of the smaller temples. In short, let's start my journey to Cambodia Day 1. (BTW, did you know that Siem Reap means Siam Defeated?)

The day started hot@@ Yes, freakishly utterly hot even in Malaysia. Around 5.00 am, my sis and my housemate who kindly offered her help to show us the way to LCCT drove us there. Then, started our flight (me & kokleong only) to Cambodia. No comment to Airasia Service....since the tickets were from promotion~~~ But, no outside food on the flight and no free food on the flight><>
When we reached there, there was our tuk-tuk waiting for us^^ by Mr.Baron. From the airport to the guesthouse, the distance was quite far. The guesthouse was situated quite remotely across the river. The name of the guesthouse was "Two Dragons Guesthouse ".....hmmm, quite a Chinese name...haha.

This was our No.4 guest room. Since the environment was clean, I had no complains. Plus, they provided free drinking water every day (water is extremely important!) Therefore, before you go out, you can stock some mineral waters from Petrol Station or Supermarket or else you would have to suffer the expensive water near the tourist sites.

Anyhow, when we came out from our room, Mr. Baron was waiting us and since he was under the guesthouse, it was convenient for us to hire him about 15 US dollar per day!!!!!! (Note: I did not bargain; I know that I should have><) Then, we decided to go to the temple that located quite far away from Siem Reap - Banteay Srei. But, before that, we purchased a 3-day pass which worth about 40 US Dollar><(heartache)

Yes, it took us nearly 1 hour and another extra 5 US dollar to reach this hidden temple - Banteay Srei. Anyway, it was totally protected since it was surrounded by rope. Plus, that time, I was wearing a sleeveless shirt (Yes, sunburn). Even though we did not have a tour guide, we really had fun doing what we wanted to. Hahaha!!! Taking photos crazily~~~

On our way back, we were conned by the locals near the Banteay Srei Temple...Yup, as a wise consumer, I was influenced by the hot weather into buying some T-shirt half more expensive. Therefore, my advice is "Don't buy in Banteay Srei, even Angkor Wat is cheaper!"...haha, anyhow, it was a good lesson for beginner traveller like me and kokleong.

Before proceeding to the next temple, we stopped by at the Land Mine Museum with the admission of 2 US Dollar. But, it was for the good of the land mine victims! I was astonished to see tonnes of weaponry being displayed there - machine guns, landmines, bombs, more guns.... It was quite a sad view because so many people suffered from war.

Then, we visited Banteay Sambre which was one of my favourite temples!!!! We even saw a couple taking wedding photos there...I salute them---it was about 40 degree celsius hot! We took pics like mad dog!@@ Hahaha, the heat was getting to us. Anyway, as the future-to-be-renowned-commercial-semi-professional-fashion photographer, I helped kokleong to take some very nice photos^^



Of course, there was also my photo taken by kokleong!!! Hahaha, finally blogging for more than a year, I am going to reveal my true face here!!! nope, just my back^^

After that, it was time to move on to another temple- Pre Rup! Hot weather, sweating profusely, feeling was the scenario during the evening. But, we insisted on visiting this temple. Yet, my persistence caused me to accidentally sprain my right leg! Yes, what luck! I sprained my leg on the 1st day><>

Then, we called a day off. Going back to the guesthouse tired and exhausted, it was definitely not a good feeling. Later that day, we decided to walk our to town. Yes, despite my injury, I still walked my way to the Central Town. While wandering around aimlessly and seeking for a restaurant, we eventually ended at Bar Street!!!!
After searching for the right restaurant, we decided to walk in to this restaurant. Haha, then, we ordered 2 draft beer which also cost us 0.50 US Dollar each and " Pineapple Fish Dish". Before finishing half of the beer, I was basically drunk because I was feeling a little bit "high" and dizzy...haha...and then, we were lost in the streets of Siem Reap! It was nerve-wracking to find our way back, but Kokleong's drunkishness just made my day!!!!( EVEN THOUGH HE INSISTED THAT HE WAS NOT DRUNK^^)

This was what happend on Day 1 of my Siem Trip~~~~~~ More exciting news coming up ---


BeArLeOnG89 said...

Ok, I don't have the 2 photos of mine neither, the 1st photo at Banteay Samre and the one at Pre Rup. I wonder how many more photos you didn't give me. Anyway, "thanks" for promoting me in your lovely blog.

Borneo Falcon said...

I always wanted to go to Cambodia. Man, the beer is cheap there. Would love to go there

WanWan said...

Siem Reap is a lots better than Phnom Nenh... yeah.. the beer definitely crazy cheap.. last year I went, USD0.75 buy one free one.. hahaha.. those cocktail.. the most USD4 only..

I almost get drunk every nite at cambodia coz since the cocktail so cheap.. feeling wanna try it all.. M'sia so expensive ler.. hahaha

Xjion89 said...

whatever, i think I gave to u liao~~~
Well, i took ur photo mah~~~

[Borneo Falcon]
hahaha, you shud go 1 day. It wud be great!

haha, really, the beer is cheaper than water there. haha, so weird!^^

Jeff said...

happen to found your blog from search engine, nice blog!