Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Discovering Celestial Winner

Oh my, I have been in pain these days after Starwalk 2009 in Ipoh. This is mainly due to the lack of exercise in my life and now, I am facing the consequences - Legs pain, joints sore, and etc! Recently, I just dug up some of my stuffs. To my surprise, I found some interesting prizes that I had won quite some time ago.

If you notice the title - " Discovering Celestial Winner", it is mainly about the competitions from Discovery Channel and Tianying Channel. It had been a long time since I had won anything - yup, maybe, I was too busy until no time to join any contest. But, this is going to change. Let's look at the prizes!

Celestial Winning(^^)

Even though they were consolation prizes, I had to admit that they were very cute!!!!

Discovery Winning(^^)
As for the Discovery Winning, I received a parcel containing this big-eco-friendly beg! Well, at first, I thought it was another small prize. But, I had won Grand Prize for this contest!!!!

Cute beg! I can throw all my things inside it^^

But, before that, I had to clear the stuffs inside! Yes, inside the green beg, there were an emergency kits and a book by Bear Grylls entitled "Man Versus Wild"
Apparently, this prize is for me to survive in the wild nature! Oh well, I don't think that I am going to hunt in the jungle or whatever! But, it is still nice! Maybe, I can use it for a trip to Cambodia next time?! ahaha^^

Currently - busy holidaying, facebooking, eating, sleeping, catching HK, JP dramas^^


renaye said...

so lucky!! i have never won anything else other than in 2007... sifu .. can give me some tips ah?

CHAO YU said...

i like the eco frenly bag! i wana have one!!

WanWan said...

I didn't join much contest but my younger sister always join those magazine's contest and won few also.. hehe..

so when goin to post the CAMBODIA photo here??

Xjion89 said...

i think this year is gonna be ur year. haha, i am retiring oredy...

1)nvr give up trying
2)hv fun doing it
3)keep an eye on the newspaper...usually contests come from there

[chao yu]
yup, the beg is really big!!!!! i can keep any rubbish inside~~haha^^

haha, join along wif ur sis...haha

cambodia pics coming soon^^

benwl said...

The bag looks nice :))

renaye said...

meow. do u mind sharing with me what was ur slogan for these competition entries?

Xjion89 said...


I can't really rmb. But, it was stmg like this:
I like discovery channel because through the window of discovery channel, I learned that survivor of the fittest still rules in the jungle...smtg like, can't really rmb..sorry...^^