Monday, June 8, 2009

Broga Hill and Temple Expedition - The Hidden Jewel

Busy, busy, & busy. Even though I am in my holidays, I still have a lot of things on my mind. So many things are happening simultaneously. Currently, I am in the midst of packing my luggage to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Yup, I am feeling the adrenaline and the anxiety at the same time. This is all because I have not been on a trip for ages. Plus, this trip is some sort like a mini-beg-packing trip. Wish me have lots of fun(^^).......

Now, back to the story of after final examination. If you have read my previous, you would know that I had a crazy time for the 3 birthdays, 3 movies and 1 unforgettable experience. Then, just like that, time flew like the speed of light - it was 3.00am. After that, I went to stay a night at Lai's place. Hahaha, I felt so bad because I came to their place so late. Then, after 2 hours of nap, at around 5.30am, we went to conquer a little hill ....hahahaha....The BROGA HILL!!!!! or 茅草山!!!!

hill climbing
May I say that it was pitch-black when we reached there. Therefore, A BIG REMINDER for people who hike the hill in the morning - Remember To Bring Torch Light!!!! Holes were everywhere!!!

hill climbing
Actually, it was quite an ease to climb the hill. However, there were so dangerous slope that slowed us down. Overall, we took 45 minutes to reach the 1st top; then, plus 10 mins to reach the 2nd top. But, we did not went for the 3rd top though. The sunrise was actually quite nice! Thanks to my technique, I was able to capture that moment. However, the pictures turned out to be quite dim. Still, the warm sun was truly beautiful!

hill climbing
Then, it was time to leave. Obviously, going down was easier than going up! It took less than 30 mins to reach shuxin's car. We were exhausted to the max and then, we had breakfast in town.

hill climbing
Of course, we really did not know how or when to stop. Therefore, we went to a famous temple in Broga. It could be considered as a traditional Chinese temple that portraits the beauty of Chinese culture. Therefore, this temple is a must visit landmark in Broga!

hill climbing
As the "future-to-be-world-renowned-fashion-artistic-commercial photographer again, I was snapping pictures non-stop. This was one of my favourite - Pagoda with A Pineapple.

hill climbing
Then, the final attraction was the "十二生肖" or the twelve zodiac animals. (Translation???Not sure). These twelve animals represent not only a person's birthday, it might also determines the fate of a person for Chinese. Believe it or not, this is your choice(^^)......

Lastly, a big thank to the models of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!
hill climbing

Btw, the author will be away starting from tomorrow!!!!
Cambodia, Here I come!!!


Benny said...

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Latest updates:
1) The 276 passengers and crew members on board of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 091 were required to reported to the health minister to be kept under quarantine.

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fufu said...

wow nice!! i would like to go to broga hill too!! anyway bet you would love cambodia!! and please bring more masks this time ok?? dont get back H1N1 with you ok?? all the best... *i need to get myself packet of masks too*

Borneo Falcon said...

I would love to hike here

WanWan said...

enjoy ur cambodia trip... its should be very hot now at there.. remember see sunset lo.. its really nice....

Anonymous said...

nice pics..
enjoy your time at cambodia! =)

Xjion89 said...

i came bek alive and kicking(^^)

hahaha, i loved Cambodia(^^)

U shud, the hill is quite charming

Yup, terribly hot!!!! The sunset was quite nice^^

i am bek, but resting now^^