Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just like A Trip To New Zealand!^^

Well, the title is really exaggerating! This so-called trip happened about a month ago even before my Cambodia Trip.

About a month ago, I just finished the ever-scary final examination. With all the time in hand, I was as free as birds. Then, every gathering came at once. One of the gatherings was at the usual Midvalley (Yes, I am almost pro in Midvalley coz almost can memorize the map there^^). Anyway, after 2 movies (Terminator Salvation and Star Trek) in a row, me, hiewmun, kenneth, wei wen and clarence needed to rest. Then, we wondered around Midvalley and The Garden.

Without a proper planning of going to where, we ended up in New Zealand.......Natural Ice-Cream! Hahaha, it was just like a trip to New Zealand^^. The shop was actually in between the runway of Midvalley and Gardens.

food and wine
We were quite surprised that New Zealand Natural was in Midvalley. Haha, this was really meant to be! Yes, we stepped inside the shop....again, it was just like a trip to New Zealand!^^ Hahaha! With all the beautiful-to-sight flavours of ice-creams, we wanted to have it all! But, you, me and everybody knew that that was not going to happen! Haha!!!! To sum it up, WANR(We are not rich!). Please take a good look at the prices carefully!~~~

At the end, we chose the very chocolaty flavour and oreo flavour!
food and wine

To be honest, the ice-creams were fantastic! It was really a taste of New Zealand Naturally. But, too bad that we could only choose 2 flavours! Aiyo, we paid so much - But, still can't get more than 2 flavours ! This was the only setback><

The story did not just end here. With all the ice-creams in our bellies, we were a little bit high! ~~~ quite high ! Why? Haha, look at the pics below! You will know why! Anyway, which 1 is me?
fun and friends
Well, when it was my turn to mimic one of the artists, suddenly, the place was crowded =.= Haiz, it was quite embarrassing to do that (even wei wen dumped us there). But, then, this struck my head! I am still 20...How many 20 do I still have left? Will I be that daring to do that again after 10 years......This picture represent our youths^^


Borneo Falcon said...

I try this ice cream once while in Sentosa Island, Singapore

Xjion89 said...

it was quite nice actually, again they shud gif me flavours...><

renaye said...

u should try tip top from ocenia!! taste better!