Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Incomplete Journey To The Tonle Sap and The Last Day in Cambodia (Day 4 & 5)

After the tiring day 3 of hunting temples, we were so exhausted that we did not even have our dinner. The next day, I was really hungry!!! Before we reached the Old Market(Psar Chaa), I stopped by the Angkor Supermarket to get a bread to fill my stomach. (Btw, we rented a bicycle each with the rate of 1 dollar/day)

food and wine
After wandering around for some time, we decided to try some local delicacies! Now, we were the only foreigners who dared to try there...or, maybe, we were a bit late for breakfast. Anyway, it was okay, quite similar with Chinese food. Anyway, by adding a dough cake and a fried egg, it cost us around 1 dollar per plate. Well, quite economy if you ask me...Then, I bought some souvenir from there, unlike my partner, Mr Lee did not buy anything except for some T-shirts....Anyway, after that, we continued our wandering around the town area....

Then, we cycled to a more remote area. Now, here is the catch!? Haha, so, my friend wanted to cycle to Tonle Sap. Well, actually, I think that is a little bit insane! Well, this is the 1st time he wanted to make a decision. Therefore, I went along with his ideal. On our journey, I really had an eye-opening experience!
Actually, the kampung there was quite similar with the kampung in Malaysia in early days! By the way, did I mention the weather? It was like 40 + + degree c out there. But, we just kept on paddling~~~

We actually made our way to Phnom Krom - a city quite near to Tonle Sap if you take the tuk-tuk. Here is the regret - We did not climb to the top of the temple! Yes, since we were really exhausted, we decided not to climb up there! Omg, instead, we continued our journey to Tonle Sap. Until then, I was not sure how long I have been cycling! All the burns on my skin made me feel uncomfortable!

Finally, we reached the floating village and we did not take the boat! Well, this was mainly due to miscommunication between 2 persons in a foreign land. Anyway, floating village marked our journey to Tonle Sap. Yes, we did not make it to the Tonle Sap. Reasons? It was still quite far away and when we cycled back to Siem Reap, we would.......Well, let's just say that there were only 2 person cycle their way to Tonle Sap...Anyway, after that, we decided to go back + I sprained my other leg! What the hell!!! What luck again!!!!

After reaching our guesthouse, we "died" on our beds until night again, it was time to do some food hunting! Well, since it was the last day, I decided to have a feast with my friend. Apparently, my rich friend was very pleased with my decision. However, this did not mean that I would waste money. Well, I hope to share the food together because we wanted to try the locals and also some food from fancy restaurant...Well, he did not want to do that - he wanted to order everything! My advice - if you don't have the stomach , don't order too much!
food and wine

food and wine
Haha, the auntie was happy to pose for me^^ and the food was quite okay - A chicken-soup mee, a mix-fruits juice, a pork rice, and a dragon fruit juice...[the menu] around 4 dollars for all...

Then, we proceeded to the restaurant that is always full! - Red Piano!
food and wine
Again, my greedy friend wanted to order 2 dishes...When they showed up, it was 2 big scoops of rice for each dish! Aiyo, we can share mah! What to do, my friend is tooooooo rich!!!! The dishes were okay but it was already cold when served to us!

After dinner, we walked by the Night Market there. Well, the road was crowded, not the market. It was kinda dull and quiet!!! =.= Then, we decided to go back and have a good rest since tomorrow we were leaving in the morning. Therefore, it was the last night here><
khmer souvenir

Here are the souvenirs:
  1. Lonely Planet-Southeast Asia [11 dollars] My sis still complained it was expensive...well, I would not buy if you had not ask to buy it! Cis, I don't really read book!Plus, it was so thick!
  2. T-shirts [10 dollars for 3] [actual: 5 dollars for 4] - kena tipu in Banteay Srei!
  3. 12 key chains [5 dollars for 12] quite okay, the best bargain!
  4. postcards [1 dollar] However not tat nice><
  5. Last but not least, the burnt mark from Cambodia [priceless]

Haha, currently, my hands are still in this condition~~~Well, this is definitely one of the most unforgettable trip ever, the 1st trip to foreign countries with a friend!


Borneo Falcon said...

What type of bicycle you rode? Mountain bike? I cycle a lot too here and should be interesting if i were to cycle over there

Xjion89 said...

an old bike...hahaha!!!
yup, cycling around Siem Reap would be fun but dangerous as well becoz they dun really follow the traffics light...

renaye said...

wah lau. why no pic of ur bike?? traveling with a friend is fun if u and he is on the same level la!!

so u ate any exotic food?

Xjion89 said...

haha, tat is true.. Aiyo, the bikes were quite old..haha, no need to take photo...

Exotic food? I can't find any><