Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ipoh Dim Sum Fight - FuShan versus MingCourt

It had been days since I updated my blog. Well, actually, these few days, I wanted to update; yet, my lazy behaviour seemed to be in control! Until today, I had the urge to update my blog^^. Again, may I remind you all that I am having a super long holiday! What can I do?! Hmmmm, eating all the way in Ipoh loh(^o^). This time, the battle was on for FuShan and MingCourt(富山和明阁)! Two of the most famous Dim Sum Restaurants in Ipoh!

food and wine
Yup, I even have time to make this!><

food and wine
Okay, let's talk about FuShan first. Why? Because FuShan reopened its restaurant just a while ago! Yes, just opposite MingCourt! That is totally a direct fight ~~~Anyway, the new FuShan draws a lot of customers! A lot!!!!!!!!!! It was spacious inside; but, still abundant with customers. Sunday morning, my whole family had to wait so long for a small table(more than 30 mins!)! Haiz, however, I have to say that the decor was quite nice.

food and wine
Then, finally, we "fought" ourselves a table. As you can see, FuShan has its own custome-made chopsticks, teapot, plates and etc! The first orders were 猪肠粉 a.k.a pork-??? mee(haha, direct imperfect translation) and 糯米鸡 a.k.a glutinous rice chicken (this sounds better^^). They were just okay only!

food and wine
Of course, we did not just stopped there. Then, came along some dim sums. Due to the overwhelming of crowd there, there was not a lot of delicacies available. My bro even went out there and tried to find some. But, his attempts started to fail on the 3rd round! Haha!!! Above were what we tried that day. (The bill wasn't cheap too~~~~)

For FuShan, here are some of the nicer dishes!
food and wine

First, my favourite egg tart. (It was really tasty!) Then, the dough cake, 1st time taste it! Finally, my 烧卖 a.k.a steam....(I also don't have to translate, google the word if you don't understand!)


Then, after a week or so, my family had another visit to another Dim Sum Restaurant - MingCourt. Personally, I prefer MingCourt; but, some say that FuShan's food tastes better~~~Well, it depends, right! Go try yourself(^o^)!
food and wine
When we got there, it was rather obvious that its business was affected by FuShan reopen. (FuShan really attract a lot of people lah!). But, it was an ease to eat there! Haha, less people stare at you when you eat^^! Its glutinous rice chicken a.k.a 糯米鸡 simply was the best !!!! Yes, better than FuShan ;p....The fishballs were also better than FuShan^^.haha!!!

As for MingCourt, the unique dishes are....
food and wine
Mochi!!!Haha, I can't even see them in FuShan~~~~~~~

Yes, the battle has ended! Who wins? To me, it was MingCourt! However, it depends on you! Go try them and you decide^^!


[~*Erlina~*] said...

i long time didnt eat dim sum and egg tart ady!!
see aso miss it!!
i hate u!! =p
and i dont drink coffee tat much unless it is necessary....XD
where got get old easily???
my teachers drank everyday aso looks very young eh!!

Borneo Falcon said...

A lot of variety there for both restaurant. By the look, Fu Shan looks better

Superbearman89 said...

I always go to MingCourt. Don't know why my mom don't go to FuShan. ><

AtelierGal said...

The dimsum look so yummy~~

sasa said...

wow, those dim sum makes me drool.

one day i'll go to ipoh to try these two restaurants.

PaperGoat said...

Wow, yea, my family don't like FuShan either ever since we made a visit to the restaurant on the second day after its "re-opening". To me, the significant difference between them two is the price, FuShan is a lot more expensive.

Xjion89 said...

hmmm, egg tarts in ipoh are still the best^^
aiyo, after-effect, mai easily get old loh..

[Borneo Falcon]
Dun judge a book by its cover.. haha, next time, if u hv the chance to go to Ipoh, u can try both^^

aiyo, like i said, Mingcourt, cheap , nice and great loh!

yup, muz try delicacies in ipoh^^

haha, u shud! since both of them are just opposite of each other!

haha, another Mingcourt supporter here. crazy meh, second day also packed with people leh!
yalor, fushan hao gui ooooo><

Wsw said...

Yay!! I vote for ming court too.. After fu shan reopened, I tried there once and now I refuse to go there again... ^^|||||

Philip said...

I have tried both recently ! Yahlah, Ming Court is more economical and basic ! Its chee cheong fun and lo mai kai are better !

But Foh San's strength is its much more variety and its Egg Tart and Yee Pei Gau are best ! Its Fried Lo Bak Go also taste excellent, which is no match by Ming Court !

Foh San's new building is like a Beast with Big Mouth, maybe specially designed to Eat Up Ming Court exactly opposite !!!