Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Friendship KTV Down Memory Lane

About 8 years ago, I was living in that house (above pic).The most interesting part of my old house is that it is in between 2 mega shopping malls - Aeon(Jusco) and Tesco. However, Tesco was built after I moved. Anyway, when I was young, I used to walk alone to Jusco there to read books in MPH. That time, I was studying during afternoon session. It was really some good old memories! As for the land of Tesco, it was an abandoned land with all sorts of grasses and trees. When it rains, small pools of water would form everywhere. Haha, I still remembered that I could find a lot of tadpoles there! Haiz, just like that, time flew for more than 10 years!

Anyway, we still have to move on! After visiting Jusco and Tesco, I waited Mr Low to fetch me near Tesco! To where? Haha, to old Parkson Ria!!! To do what? To sing karaoke in EBOX!!!!
Yes, Mr Low, the model of the day(I am sure he will be super happy because I call him my model of the day), will be leaving Malaysia soon! It was like a farewell karaoke session! We started our session along with kokleong around 12pm ! Then, 4 hours of non-stop singing in the room! Then, the model had to leave early~~~always like that! Anyway, my songs of the day were:

爱爱爱by方大同-Love the lyrics a lot and the melody is so special!!!! I just love love love this song! Currently, this is my No.1! [But, Janice Wei's 大哥 will always be in my heart!]haha

I knew that this was an very old song! But, it was really touching leh! Well, I had no problem to sing high-pitched!..haha

Hmmm, you wonder why this song is here? Well, this is the officially farewell song for Ziyang!!! Hahaha, Ziyang can really move like Beyonce....hahaha(^-^)!!!!

Last but not least, I am a food person! We must not forget about the food! Including the food and 4 hours of singing, it cost about RM 11.50 including taxes per person! It was quite a good bargain!
food and wine
The food was not bad too!!!!

  • P.S: Mr. Low, you take care in US. Please maintain a healthy lifestyle there^^! All the best to you!. Gosh, really envy that you can go to US leh! If you meet Beyonce, please get me her autograph!


Wei Han said...

the food looks great.

kenwooi said...

it's fun to sing at ktv =)

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PaperGoat said...

Wahh, tag me as the model of the day(ONLY ah)? LOL, that's not enough man! Should be the model of the decade! Wakaka, okay thanks anyway for sharing up the pictures..=)

Xjion89 said...

yup, they were not bad! quite surprised!^^

ooooooooo, change link already!

aiyo, it is already very flattering to tag u as a model of the day! it is not easy to become the model in my blog!

Anonymous said...

anyway....well...jiat jiat

Xjion89 said...

whatever, as long as u click my ads(^^)
i will be fine!