Wednesday, August 12, 2009

G.I JOE: The Blonde Versus The Brunette

Oh gosh, it really had been a while since I had done any reviews on movies! Hahaha, just 2 months only[3 movies]! [Actually, not feeling that good these days..sicknesses everywhere]Anyway, this time, I went out with KL, ZY, and CK to Jaya Jusco! It was like a farewell to CK since he was leaving Malaysia to further his studies in US.

At first, I wanted to watch The Proposal by Sandra Bullock. Oh well, the 3 of them wanted G.I JOE: The Rise of Cobra instead. Okay, time to start the review!

Basically, G.I.JOE is an adaption of a cartoon series from USA [which I don't really remember]. Just like more cartoons, it is about good versus evil = G.I JOE versus Cobra. So, the movie started with the introduction of nano-mites as military weaponry. I wonder why they want to make this kind of weapon that could destroy our world. Back to the movie, of course, in order to transfer the nano-mites warheads, they were guarded by these two guys!
The Duke by Channing Tatum and Ripcord by Marlon Wayans.[ Actually, I don't really know much about them] Anyway, they were like the main characters in the movie. Suddenly, they were being attacked by a high-tech aircraft led by her....

Ana/Baroness by Sienna Miller [in black hair><, superhigh-heels and super tight leather suit] Of course, when Ana was just about to get her hands on the nano-warheads. They came to the rescue!

Scarlett by Rachel Nichols[from Alias] and Snake Eyes by Ray Park. Note that: In this movie, Snake Eyes was masked and in his tight leather suit from the beginning to the end!

Baroness' plan was failed. Of course, her boss was not pleased. Therefore, her boss sent her Storm Shadow by Byung-hun Lee to help her

Then, this time, the evil prevailed. However, the Joes did not waited long to strike back! Okay, I think it is time to stop before I reveal all the twists in the movie!

Anyway, personally, G.I JOE: The Rise of Cobra should change to G.I JOE: The Blonde Versus The Brunette. Haha, after watching the awesome action-pack movie, we just could not stopped discussing The Baroness' hair colour!@@ I think she looks better in her golden hair!!!! Well, my friends said otherwise! Let me analysis-
  • Britney Spears better in blonde
  • Kate Beckinsale better in brunette
  • Winona Ryder better in brunette[even though she was the true blonde]
  • Jessica Alba both blonder and brunette also fit her...
  • Sienna Miller better in blonde.......hahaha, my personal opinion~~~~~~

  • storyline - 5/10 [too predictable for me]
  • cast - 8.5/10 [most of the actors are quite handsome and pretty---even Victoria Supermodel acted in it, Karolina Kurkova]
  • effect - 9/10 [quite exciting]

Last but not least, since I am free, this 1, I made for you all!
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Download To Mobile Phone: G.I JOE: The Rise of The Cobra


Borneo Falcon said...

I have not watch the movie. Hope it is good

Xjion89 said...

it was not bad!!!...yup, i forgot to rate it~~~(><)haha...will rate it now!

renaye said...

5/10??? that is a very bad rating!!!!

Xjion89 said...

haha, well, becoz the storyline was very straight forward. but, the excitement of the action movie was still thre!^^