Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blood Crystals!!!


It had been half a year since I discovered my lovely, beautiful, cute, and angelic on the outside yet fierce baby kitty, Soya urinating a small amount of blood in her urine. Therefore, I sent her to the vet! When she was on medication, her condition was not that serious. When we thought that she was finally recovered, we decided to stop her medicine.

Then, about a week ago, her urine was seriously reddish! From that instance, I knew that surgery was really inevitable as the crystals inside her bladder were getting bigger day by day and were hurting her! Then, we sent her to the clinic to help her to remove those crystals inside her. Blood crystals were formed from my Soya's body after the surgery! [Pic above shows some fragment of the blood crystals] How awful is that!? Those crystals were really deadly yet if you look closely, they were like the petals of the flowers! Beautiful killer, should I say?!

Currently, Soya's condition is stable. Three days ago, just right after her surgery, she was crazily fierce! Her meow was so taunting!!! No kidding!!! We were trying to tighten her "the thing around her neck" so that she would not disturb her surgery wound. Well, the Miss Soya was not pleased!

Here she is - My Baby Soya!!!I think that now she is about 9-year-old which is equivalent to human lifespan of 63-year-old. [Omg, she is already in grandma category~~~] Yup, almost 10 years in our family, and I am proud to say that she is my fake girlfriend!!!(^^). Soya, please get well soon!!!! With her getting sick, I really have no mood to blog!!! Currently, taking care of her(^^) For more info on my baby girl, here is the link [My Lovely Soya].

Soya, please get well soon!!!
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AtelierGal said...

I'm not a cat person but she is adorable. Get well soon!

Xjion89 said...

thanks, my friend!^^

Lily Siow said...

wat do u noe, my dog oso sick. she's jz bk frm pets intensive care unit 1 week ago coz of anaemia..recovering @home now~ poor soya muz be painful..hey send my regards 2ur gal Soya ya :)

Wei Han said...

all the best kitty

vialentino said...

wah...cute kitty....and very good life span....hope will get well soon

Xjion89 said...
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Xjion89 said...

[Lily Siow]
haiz, all the best to ur dog too^^

[wei han]
thank q^^

haha, she is quite old. thanks 2^^

loves fashiondiva X0X0 said...

owh doggie died 2 years ago coz of this..they said her crystals very too serious to be operated..haih.
well hope ur kitty gets well soon..

SJ said...

god'l bless soya. anyway nice name for your cat!

Anonymous said...

OMG! It look serious to have blood in urine. Hope soya will do well.

Xjion89 said...

[loves fashiondiva XoXo]
actually i discovered about half a year ago. Faster took her to the vet and put her on medication. But, at last, she still hd to undergo surgery becoz her condition was getting serious!


haha, yup, i like it too~~~she has a lot of nicknames too~~~

yup, very serious. That;s why hv to clear the crystals inside her bladder surgically.