Saturday, July 31, 2010

Seeing Little Flying Elephants 小飞象 @ Serdang (Updated - Taken over by Twin Sisters)(><)

Not that I don't want to update, but, working really absorbs all the energy and power out of your body! Yes, not that I have a lot to do, but, boredom can cause me to feel very tired and sleepy. Anyhow, today, I finally had to say goodbye to my chatmate in my company. Yes, one of my best way to pass time is to chat! Today, that uncle finally retired! It really touches me because he had worked in the company for more than 30 years! Yes, how many 30 years we have?!!!! I am also very impressed by his dedication because I am sure that I won't last that long, maybe not more than 3 months...hahaah! Today is the day he had his new found freedom! All the best Uncle Lee, may you have another great Journey waiting ahead for you!(^^) As for me, the boredom keeps on increasing! However, just in a flash, I have one more month left before finishing my internship! Actually, I have learned a lot from technical, management and a lot of people skills~~In the future, I would opt for a more challenging job! Anyway, off with my boring internship story!

Let's go to Serdang instead! In this post, I am gonna show you where did I see the little flying elephant in Serdang!


Yes, this little flying elephant is located in Bukit Serdang area!~~~There is a pair of cute baby blue and pink elephants greeting at the front door!~~^^

Well, the food was quite okay! My favourite dish would be the mee with egg topping! It was in large portion and not too oily! As for the chicken chop, still okay for me!~~~


Then, the drinks were actually not that okay! I was really disappointed with the blue pearl drink! It was totally not special at all~~~Doesn't match up with its price! However, there was something really worthy of the meal! Guess what?! The clue is up there, can you spot it?!~~~~ Hints: The bill~~~will reveal the answer after some time(^^)~~~~


pikey said...

Me been to that area... but went to the pan-mee shop opposite it, lols

KahJoon_AJ said...

I have been there for few time d,hehe...quite nice...

Chris said...

How's the foods there? Nice?

Xjion89 said...

hahhaha, the pan-mee shop there oso very famous geh!^^

[Kj] huiyo~~~u so rich gah!~~the price is quite expensive woh~~~

[Chris]not bad! it is similar wif the HongKong style restaurant~~~

Sebastian Workshop said...

never been there!!

Pete said...

Cute name for a restaurant. Wish Uncle Lee all the best for his retirement!

Xjion89 said...

[Sebastian] hahaha, try it when u r bek~~~

[Pete] Yup, like the name~~thank you on behalf of Uncle Lee^^

vialentino said...

really cute restaurant name...anyway, i like ue header picture...broga hill?

seen said...

i like your header picture too!!!
It is like standing at the end of the world... really a great pic!!!

Xjion89 said...

[vialentino]yup, the name is really attractive! hahaha, good guess! Broga hill is really famous!

[seen]thanks for the compliment!~~