Wednesday, June 30, 2010

PHO HOA@MINES, Serdang(^^)


Omg, I wonder why it took me that long to update my blog~~~ Perhaps is because of my internship~Not that I have a lot to do, it is just that long hours in the office really wears me off(><). To sum up, I actually learned a lot from my internship! I hope to learn more through work though. Like one of my friends said, I am a demanding person?!~~~ Anyway, today, let me share a foodie blog post!

PHO HOA, have you heard of this restaurant name? Yes, this is a Vietnamese Cuisine situated in The Mines, Serdang. Last time, me and my housemates got some coupons to use; so , we decided to try the dishes over there. Overall, the atmosphere and condition there was nice, cozy, and clean!


 Their main selling point was health food! Actually, you can see the trend of eating healthy food with less salt, sugar and preservative. To me, their food was quite nice. Simple, and the taste was not too strong. The portion was also quite ok! Don't trust me?! Look at the big bowl!~~Hahaha(^^). The Vietnamese taste was quite unique. Worth a try!~


Of course, apart from those dishes, we also ordered some nice healthy drinks. Thumb up for the avocado fruit drinks and the prune drinks! The red bean was not red bean enough!

Food: 7.5/10 (Simple taste)
Restaurant: 8/10 (Really good atmosphere)
Price: 5/10 (A bit pricey, without those coupons, it would be about RM80)(@@)~~~


Ken said...

How long is ur internship?

Love vietnamese food, especially their beef, and soup!

Lisa717 said...

wow wow wow~~ vietnamese food~ frankly, i havn't tried any of it b4~~ well, shud try 1 of them in the future~~ btw..The mines is kinda far for me ler..anyway, good sharing^^

TZ said...

Dude, I just had the beef noodles from the same restaurant in The Curve yesterday night. I like their soupy beef noodles... Yum yum... :)

Xjion89 said...

wow, 13 weeks~~~><

yup, not too seasoned^^

hahahah, find 1 time, u can hv a foodie hunt~~~

[TZ] yup, the taste quite ok~~~still the price a bit><

Pete said...

I still like local style beef noodles.!

Sebastian Workshop said...

Luckily is not my favourite food, otherwise, I will waste my saliva again! haha

Xjion89 said...

[Pete] haha, true~~each type of noodles has their own specialty.

[sebastian] hahaha, mybe u shud try ^^~~

Borneo Falcon said...

I have great interest in Vietnamese food. Perhaps I will drop by there to give it a try

jfook said...

I never been there before. :) But I love vietnam food. :P

Xjion89 said...

u can try since u r in UPM, rite?
so near^^hahah~

pikey said...

I tried the one at 1Utama... i like their food..

vialentino said...

actually i like their food here...not bad ler...

Xjion89 said...

[pikey and Vialentino]
Hmmm, nvr tot tat so many ppl actually like Vietnamese Cuisine~~~@@

Bravebear said...

me just balik from Redang. hehehe~ The food looks good wor... I wanna try it too with 'someone'