Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yes, I do....

Yes is the answer for everything?! Well, before Chinese New Year, I went to Midvalley to catch "Yesman" with my uni friends.....

  • Hiewmun and Andrew - Dating.
  • Sarah - As usual, energetic.
  • Dom - Cute hairstyle.
  • Step - long skirt.
  • Lian Hing and Lai - Thanks for the fishball and popcorn...

Yes, they are my unimates. Aren't they unique? Anyway, let's get back to the show. Well, Yes, will you marry me? Yes?! No?! Yes?! No?!...(Gosh, I am getting a little bit indecisive or crazy). Basically, Yesman starred by Jim Carrey is about a middle-aged man who just says no to practically everything. He is saying "No" to life until he meets his old friend. He brought him to a seminar. (It was like a primary-scheming thing, hehe, my personal view). Then, the life changing moments finally arrives for him. He makes a commitment or a treaty to say "Yes" to everything or else bad things will happen. Well, he starts to live a life since then. From learning guitar to Korean*(amazing), he proves that "Yes" is really the answer to his life. But, Allison who is a Zen-sassy girl shows him the true meaning of life. How? Catch the show!!!

  • Comedy :4/5 (Who can match Jim Carrey)
  • Cast :4/5 (Well, my friends were crazy of a guy (Bradley Cooper) in the show)
  • Storyline:3/5 (Quite predictable)
  • Romance:4/5 (Quirky romance thanks to Allison, she is cool)


Jim Carrey: He is the man even though he is not that young anymore. I tell you all, he (Carl) will do the most ridiculous things in his life just to say yes.

Zooeny Deschanel: Allison is the coolest girl in the movie. She is quite zennnnn!!! I love Zen(^^). Anyway, she falls deeply in love with Carl because he does the most amazing things with life thanks to "Yes"

Bradley Cooper: Oh my gosh! Sarah and Stephanie went crazy for him. They kept on asking who was that guy! Well, he is Carl's best friend in the movie. He also starred in Alias! Yes, I know that he is hot! But, both of you don't have to be like this. hehehe...well, I think that she is hotter though.

Molly Sims: The girl from Las Vegas. Haha, she is Carl's ex-wife in the movie. She is hot!


Yes, I believe in Love At First Sight! Do you>!

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