Saturday, February 21, 2009

When Nature Works Together With KTM

Yesterday, I was kind of in a string of misfortune events of Jay's extraordinary life. Well, things just happen when you least expect it. This theory is proven 99% accurate. Hehe..I am not exaggerating. This is not funny at all!

Morning should be a new start for everyone. Well, it started off with me almost missing the KTM train. Apparently, the train itself decided to early and coincidentally, I left my house from the usual time. However, since it came earlier than usual, I had to hell to catch the train. Things did not just stop there.

After that, I had a "pleasant" surprise from my lecturer - an assignment consists of report and group oral presentation. But, I believed that there was still little luck left for me because I was quite satisfied with my group members - 4 girls and 1 guy! I am just lucky!(^^).

But, after class, I took the 4.30pm bus to the KTM station. Oh my gosh!!!! It was a really living hell that time. I finally ran out of luck and missed the train. That time was like living hell because it was one of the hottest day in my entire life. Yes, I did not add "oil and salt"! I was melting away like butter waiting for the next train to arrive. Then, here was another "pleasant" surprise when the next train did not show up!( Haizzzz, another 20 minutes of sauna-ing in KTM station.)



After that, I reached home around 6pm. Another surprise at home!? Yes, my baby Muffin sat on her shits. She really did not care about her hygiene. Right now, she is siting on her shits again...Then, I spent hours to clean her and her kennel. When I bathed her, she was like a fish out of the pond.

Anyway, yesterday was yesterday. Today is today. I have had even worse day! Just want to let you all know that - sometimes, luck don't just come, you have to seek for it. Another thing is that my hypothesis: things happen when you least expect it to happen is proven. (proven)Plus, when nature works with KTM = Natural Disaster!


KahJoon_AJ said...

lolz...all bout ktm...but din mention me pun...haiz...

Xjion89 said...

aiyo, the post is all bad luck day. meeting u was not bad luck. Dun wan to bring bad luck to u mah(^^).nxt time go bek, muz tell me ...mybe i will folow

Dan* said...

hmmmm bad luck happens often than gud lucks ;)

Borneo Falcon said...

The KTM station (as well as monorail and LRT station) should be air conditioned. Even the KL Sentral station is not air conditioned. I used KTM also whenever I go to KL.

That sun sure looks hot

fufu said...

just wish those ppl get more trains and let it move every 5mins during rush hours, it was a shame when i took the ktm with my hk friends in which we all being sandwiched inside the train heading to klang!!!

Xjion89 said...

yup.hope for the best, I guess.

[Borneo Falcon]
Well, they wan to save cost. HAHA, it was super burning hot!

Well, let's pray that the train is not delay. Haha, sandwiched in the train is still ok, but, if this happens when the train suddenly stops in the middle of nowhere. that is horrible!