Thursday, February 5, 2009

Winning All The Way(^^) [Part 2]


Since the start of my semester 2, I have been having lectures every day except for today, I had 2 hours class only. Therefore, after the class ended earlier than usual, I straight away jumped on the bus and went back to blog! Haha, do you all remember Winning All The Way(^^) Part 1 where my baby Soya poses in those pictures? Here is Winning All The Way(^^) Part 2.

The image above was emailed to me from MalaysianToday!. This was the second time I received the winning email from them. Haha, previously, I was the Malaysian Today Grandprize Winner. Haiz, now, I have become No. 2. Haha, please don't mind me. I just simply want to crap!(^^). Anyway, I know that you all just can't wait to see what did I get! Here is it!

Bolt Movie Contest
Msia second wiiner
A very nice hard-cover diary book! And, a shining charm bracelet! Oh, yes, the bracelet is definitely not for me, but, I am going to give it to my mother dearest again(^^)

Well, again, I will say that this post just don't stop here because I have another prize news to share. Yes, this is another prize from CNN which is a consolation prize; but, it is awesome as well. 1st, it is an Eco-bag!!! Yes, since this is a green blog, I am promoting green and environmental-friendliness to my readers. Hey guys, use reusable begs instead of plastic begs. Well, reusable beg can be cool!!!! If you don't believe me, check out MTV and Panasonic. Now, aren't they gorgeous?! Oh wait, can you all spot the Eco-begs or not? Hahaha......

CNN Go Green Contest
CNN green winner


Here is Jay or Xjion89 posing silly-ly for promoting Green and SPCA(the T-shirt). So, action speaks louder than word; therefore, faster start the Green Life because you can make a difference - You can Save Earth.....

  1. P.S: Faith Koooo, if you are reading this post, I wanna tell you that here is my pictures. Okay, even though there is no face, it is still me! So, my blog has my picture in it!!!! Hahaha, am I too serious?!
  2. I want to post Chinese New Year; but, pictures are still in editing process! Please wait patiently~~~

Stay tuned for My Little World for more updates~~~~~~~~


Billy said...

wow! more prizes!!
Good for you!!
And there's a photo of you!
I'm waiting for a photo from the front view.. kekeke.. =P

BeArLeOnG89 said...

I wonder when you would stop winning prizes! :P

renaye said...

i didn't win the bolt contest because i didn't get to submit. T__T

Xjion89 said...

Bily: Haha, will soon!

Bearleong: Plz dun curse me becoz i am giving some of my luck to u 2.

renaye: ooo, this 1 is MalaysianToday, not AllMalaysian 1....Anyway, u can oways try and try. Dun gif up!