Thursday, December 18, 2008

MTV rocks !!!!

This news is totally outdated. Well, since I was quite busy back then. 30 hours ++..... Now, I can finally talk about my consolation prize winning from MTV Asia Awards 2008. Even though it was just a consolation prize, the items were totally rocking!!!!.

Actually, I am also not sure where did I participate for this contest. But, what is for sure is that I joined the contest online. Anyway, I still remembered that I was aiming to win tickets to attend the award. I wanna meet Karen Mok and Jared Leto..... But, I did not win the tickets.

Then, after a few weeks, I totally forgot about this contest. Not until my mum received a parcel from PostLaju, it was saying that I had won the consolation prize of the contest. I was not crazily happy since it was only the consolation prize. But, I was totally wrong. The gifts were awesome!!!!. They were dazzling cool!!!! They were super nice!!!! THEY ROCKS! Thanks, MTV, I heart U(^^).

Anyway, here are the prize: [Edited with "Photobucket"]


Can you see the sun shining on the "M" mountains?! The bag gives me the feel of IPOH because of its mountains. The bag is also environmental-friendly because I can use it for shopping, flaunting, and ....Well, the fun definitely would not just end here!

Well, the little booklet really comes in handy. I was just needing something to jot down some notes(^^)


The other goodies were sparkling gorgeous! The bottle is cute, the lanyard is my love one(almost every day I wear it), and the cute pins are just fantastic.

Yup, my favourite umbrella!!!! The graphic on it is so creative!

Recently, a lot of unhappy and unfortunate events were surrounding me. But, now, I am trying to always think of the good. It is obviously better to attract more bigger prizes to come into my life. Hahaha, anyway, MTV just rocks!!!!


Hasegawa said...

Wow!! You always getting prizes from contests. How did you keep up with the news about contests all the time?

Borneo Falcon said...

Still a decent prizes you won there

WanWan said...

wow.. great.. nice prize... a very good luck to u...

AtelierGal said...

Wow, another win. Congrats!
I think I've used up my luck. (including 4 air tix, 2 concert tix) XD

renaye said...

wah. u r always so lucky and creative. u need any student??

and stupid. it seems my handphone cannot sms out to those contest number. and it used to be able to. damn i miss so much movies contest becaus e of this.

i'm going to look around for natural remedy.....

Xjion89 said...

Ooo, well, when I come across an online-competition, I would just join it. That's all ^^

[Borneo Falcon]
Thanks, my friend.

Hahaha, thanks. May luck be by urside as well.

Wow, tat is great. U can gain your luck back.

hehe, i think joining contests are simply for fun. Oic, hope tat u will win a handphone soon(^^)

Lily said... way u got these fantastic cooL prizes!! u really receive all these?! it's really rock man! ^^

Calvyn said...

the button badge are very nice, i plan to create some for my self