Friday, December 12, 2008

Bolted With My Friends

I always shout that I am busy. Well, I am. But, all work no play makes Jay a dull boy. So, last week, I went to Midvalley to celebrate Miss Sarah's Birthday. Anyway, it all started(my favourite line) with waiting at the KTM station. Well, I was planning to pretend that I was accidentally bump into her. That did not go well. I miss the train!!!!!!!! (> <) Anyway, when I reached there, they were waiting for me. Haiz, I felt so bad. Then, the day started with a movie. Yes, a movie...hehehehehehehe....*evil laughter*. At first, they said that they want to watch "Wild Child". Well, at the end, fate just landed us to "BOLT". Hahaha, lucky(^^). The movie started with an intense action-packed scene. Then, everything were so bolt!

Bolt is the main actor in a series or something. Well, he lives in a intense life until he accidentally escaped to a real world where everything is so real!? In order to save his person, he starts to fight his way to her. Hehe, then, all the fun and jokes begin. The fun becomes greater when he meets beautiful-evil-cunning-sassy Mittens.

Well,since then, Mittens' life is basically upside down. But, they learn to get along in order to save Bolt's person. She is a clever girl who learns the hardship of real life. She really knocks some sense to Bolt. Then, all comes along Rhino(Not the big rhino), well, the crazy hamster?!

I would have to say this - he really did steal the spot light. His crazy laughter and his insane action beats everything in his way! Look out for Rhino!!!!!! Of course, we must not forget the "person". She is the loving person who is reluctant to leave Bolt in the fake world.

In short, thanks to Bolt, we had a great time out! Sarah, Happy Birthday again! {Really a belated one}

Before I end my post, I like to end with a sparkling Bolt Caption and Sms Contest from AllMalaysian Blogger.

Rhino a.k.a The Crazy Hamster:

Hohohoho, I am the prettiest hamster in the plastic ball in the world....hehehehehe *Evil Laughter*.

Mittens a.k.a The Sassy Cat :

Oh my, your plastic ball really outshines my flowery bucket. Thought "Well, he is the crazy one, don't want to mess with him"


renaye said...

rhino looks so cute. i have not been to cinema for ages!!!!

ooh u stay near to midvalley is it?? i also always take ktm to midvalley to lepak. :D

Borneo Falcon said...

I have not watch this movie yet. Notice your new header. Nice

renaye said...

meow meow. do u have any problem in smsing to 32088 for this contest?

techniqueal t. said...

glad you had a great time. belated greetings to sara. ^_^

hey, i like your header. looks great ^_^

Xjion89 said...

really, haha, mybe, v oredi bump into each other (^^)

[Borneo Falcon]
Oooo, thanks, i oso like it.

[techniqueal t.}
A big thanks on behalf of Sarah! Hheh, i like it too