Monday, December 15, 2008

30 hours Non-stop Sustainable Cities.

Omg, I was awake for 30 ++ hours already. Haiz, what to do ?! It was a group assignment that really killed me!!!!

Actually, I really prefer individual assignment - - - - like always. Well, life is no isolation. But, at a time, people are better by themselves. I always have hard time doing group assignments because I just don't know why. Maybe I am an almost-perfectionist?!

There are a few confessions or statements I have to make:
  • My English is not that good. I would say that I am a pre-amateur in English language. I rarely flaunt my English because I am not good.
  • My expectation is not that high. I would say that if people do what I want. Then, it is okay.
  • My APA style is quite good. I would say that under 3 semesters of Ms Alison's lecture, my APA style referencing is proudly being practiced.
  • My writing is not flowery. I would say that for the sake of writing a good report, I try to use concise language.
  • My Editing Skills are superb. I would say that because since so many assignments, people still give me their work last minute. Amazingly, I would still be able to finish is crappy-ly.
  • My temper is okay. I would say that I am quite a nice person. But, at the last moment, don't ever give me bullshit crap!

30 hours of non-stop facing the computers, editing the main points and cutting out the unnecessary was very tiresome. Plus, all parts of the assignments were only received around 12am on Sunday. Therefore, from Sunday Midnight, I worked until Monday afternoon, skipping all the meals! Then, before that, around 7.30am , I went to take the ktm to go to my uni. When I reached my uni, I thought that this assignment was very important because it carried a total of 20/100 for my Sustainability Module. I was planning to skip class to do this. But, no member supported me. So, I went to the class.

I was supposed to receive my stuffs on Friday. Apparently, some technical problems, some communication problems, some personal problems had landed in our case. The procrastination was really "geng". Well, I was the strict one as always. After reading through all my members' work, I was surprised to see 2 member's contents were similar while the other member was writing his part by himself with "no reference" at all. I asked them to add some references in order to avoid the accusation of plagarism. I had to say this, it was like trying open a safe-box to get the references. 6 references should at least has 6 citations or more + No matter you copy word by word or paraphase it , in-text citations must be included! Just put the darn citations in it, is this that difficult!?

Again, at almost 4.30pm , I ran to the Faculty Office again!!!!!!!!!!!!

My brain right now has been functioning for more than 34 hours. Well, that is the real life of a uni student. Anyway, I am checking out nw!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S :A big thanks toooooooooooooo kOKLEOng who listens to my complaints for 6 hourssssss(^^) until 7am. A friend indeed!!!!! Hehe, not easy to be my friend. Anyway, all the best in ur test!!!!!!!!!!


Borneo Falcon said...

Wow! You are doing a marathon assignment there. I always ensure I get enough sleep during my university time.

Take it easy and take care

WanWan said...

Normal for all student during studies time.. especially Group Assignment...

Do take care of your health and enjoy... hehe

lcfu said...

hahaha remember to take enough rest after that ya

BeArLeOnG89 said...

You always got bad-attitude group-mates but that's a process to be a superb student! Well, I have to say that I got a sucks group-mate once but not as sucks as your group-mates. Thank Lord. The final is over right now and I can relax. And thanks for putting my name in this post. v(n_n)v

renaye said...

luckily i had never had group assignments back in college. mine was all individual work. no heart attacks whatsoever.

but u should eat.

Eileen said...

OMG! can you do this to yourself!? Kesiannya!!! Sigh...I understand how difficult it is to work in a group, but it really does reduce the workload, or else I would've been like you - not enough rest & proper meals. I had to work on my groupmate's part as well for a couple of hours. Anyways I just wanna salute you, your dedication impresses me, i'll never be able to stay up like you. Good job!

Xjion89 said...

[Borneo Falcon]
It was a super marathon indeed until, I still feel tired easily(> <). Anyway, I will hv enuf rest now onwards.

Ooo, i am not enjoying at all. Hehe, btw, i hv added ur link under my blogger friends(^^)

Resting now.~~~~~hehehe

ooo, u r welcome, well, u r the one who made stay up whole nite. U r the 1 who really helped me(^^)

Waaa, envy(* *)......Haiz, tat time really no time at all. Yup, I should hv bought some bread to eat.

OOO, Miss, a big compliment. Well, I wan to at least get a decent marks. No pain no gain....(^^) I also added ur blog under Nottiblog(^^)