Tuesday, December 30, 2008

She Is Alright!

Headline : A Horrible Attack on A Cute Dog by A Cobra Snake

It was two days ago when a horrible tragedy befell on my lovely dog - Goldie.... This incident already happened to my Panda a few months ago.

Again, there were barking of dogs from the store room, especially from Goldie. She was so noisy until my dad went to look for her. She was in the store room, barking non-stop aimlessly. My dad was suspicious. Well, his suspicion was right when another Cobra King just glided by his leg. Immediately, I shouted for Goldie to get her out of the store room.

She quickly came out, but, apparently, she was attacked by the cobra when she kept on scratching her right eye with her leg. Something was not right because she seemed like in excruciating pain. I wanted to send her to the clinic immediately but it was Sunday.

After calming down, I called my sis who was , by the way, a veterinarian. She asked me to check whether Goldie was bitten or not. After examining her, I thought that the main problem was that Goldie's eye might be contaminated with venom from the cobra. After a while, her eye was so swollen that she could not open her eye. Sis asked me to clean her eyes with water immediately. Thank goodness sis left some medicine behind before she returned to work.

After 2 days of medicine, eye cream, and eye drops, she is getting better now. Her eye is alright. She is alright !!!!!!!!!!! (^^)

Headline : The Chronicle of Goldie Locks

Goldie was not really Goldie. She just came to my house during my SPM examination. Wow, she stayed with my family about 2 years already. I still remembered the day she came. She was so cute, beautiful and clueless. My mum said that she was sitting outside our house. So, she just let her in. Before keeping her, we tried to find her owner; however, our efforts were to no avail.

Just like that, she became a part of our family. After staying with us for a while, she showed us that she is a very clever and cunning dog. Ever since then, she is like the apple of our family. Actually, before she came, we had another dog called Goldie too. That is why Goldie was not Goldie. She was a brown pincher. One day, she was gone and we did not hear from her anymore. It was such pain to lose her because the Original Goldie was with our family for more than 9 years. The sudden loss of brown Goldie was so saddening. But, we learned to face it.

Everything was really fated when the new black pincher came into our lives. Even though she was whole black, she was somewhat resembling the brown Goldie. Maybe, she was "her". Hahaha.........................

Anyway, the good news is that she is alright!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S: Ultra busy for preparing for my tests! Less than a week before my finals. So, sorry for all the late replies. I will not be blogging for quite some time.

P.s: But, don't forget me. Because I will be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


renaye said...

oh dear. r u sure it's a king cobra? it's an endangered species. it's not supposed to be appeared out of the blue. my god. if u see a king cobra, u should report to the wildlife department that u spotted one. it's very dangerous to have a king cobra around ur house. be careful ne~

Jason Law said...

xjion~thanks for sharing it to me! I really love the star rating but the recommended post really annoys me...

I thought it links to our own posts and didnt know it's other post, i am still looking for similar widget but linking to our own posts...please inform me if you find star rating widget alone or the recommended post..

Thank you so much !!

WanWan said...

wow.. where you live ah? got cobra?? becareful...
Happy New Year

jasonmighty said...

This post reminded me of my dogs. I had this dog named Max. Same case...venom...its eyes...swollen. But recovered later on. Max is still alive...but getting older already.

I used to have another dog named Nikki. She is bitten by a cobra. She died in less then an hour no matter what I did to safe her. Nikki is a brave dog. She killed a couple of cobra so that me and my family is safe from these venomous snake.

Hope your dog recovers in no time. :)

BeArLeOnG89 said...

Happy New Year 2009! Hooray! I am going to countdown this big event in Toronto. Fireworks, musical performance...wish you all the best in the finals and again, happy new year!

Xjion89 said...

She is allllright(^^)