Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sis' Birthday Presents!!!!!!!!

Oops, impossible this is the present for my sis. However, our story begins here.

Last last week was my sis' birthday. Before we had a war small argument, I was intending to write this post last week. Anyway, we went to celebrate near KLCC along with her boy friend.

I was obviously very busy that week. But, for her sake, I sacrificed my time to go to KLCC. (I am so good leh). Okay, after spending some time in KLCC mall and snapping some photos, we went to a near by place to have dinner - Saisaki or whatever. Anyway, no photo was allowed....haizzzz, too bad. It was RM 70 per person!!!! So, it was such a let down where no photo was allowed. But, the Japanese Buffet was super awesome even though it took ages to find its location which was totally isolated and deserted, it was still great~~~~~~

Okay, then, we went back. Little did she know that me, my housemates and her boy friend were giving her a surprise when the clock struck 12~!.....Yes, the surprise followed~!


Yes, a bottle of very nice skin product and her birthday bear!!!!! Aren't they cute?! But the ultimate gift was not from us, it was from her boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pearls are girls best friends????!!!!!!! Haha, the answer is definitely yes. Plus, the pearl earring even has certificate paper...........

Anyway, it was a splendid birthday for my sis. However, dear sis, you still have to control your temper. I have to admit that my temper is bad and "eruptive". But, your temper is almost at my level. Okay, that is about it and I would put my family first rather than my work because you can always find other jobs, but, family is one and only!


BeArLeOnG89 said...

Wow, I meet my brother here. Girls like my brother. n_n I think girls would prefer necklace. Don't know lah, just a guess. How come you take a bad photo(the 1st one)like that? I can't believe it. It's impossible! :p

Jason Law said...

Hi xjion, thanks for visiting. Streamyx line is extremely slow these few days, they are doing some repair or whatever to the cabling system.

Btw, I would like to know how do you make the "You might like:" column, do you mind sharing it to me? Thank :)

lisa717 said...

wat a sweet sweet bear to ur sis wor^^
how r u recently??
oh ya, whr ya studying???
do tk k ya^^

Borneo Falcon said...

So sweet of you

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

awh. the bottle seems nice. Good present! i was never that nice to my sis. cough**

sabahking said...

so many presents can be received by ur sister. so envy...

renaye said...

i also want!!!

err... pearls or diamonds r not every girl's bf. it's not mine. mine is money. :D

Xjion89 said...

This is what I called A Flaw Perfect. Beauty with defect...

[Jason Law]
Ooo, u juz press the [?]. Everything will be explained there.

Oo, thanks. I am studying in KL. How abt u ?

[Borneo Falcon]
Hehe, thanks..

Hahaha, sometimes u hate them, sometimes, u don;t....hehe

U can oso ask fr ur siblings....(^^)

Money is more practical. hehe, i think like tat too(^^)