Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Laptop Dilemma

Dilemma is always in my life. Well, I just handed up two stupid assignments. They really took my breath. Because of both of them, I had to run in my campus before the office closed. Haiz, is that the life of a uni student?! PEF coursework and FLM lab reports, I really hate them. Well, I can't do anything about this. I even don't have time to blog all thanks to them. (Please forgive me for my continuous complaints of my uni life). Oh, as I was talking about dilemma, I had a hard to decide thing that I am not familiar with. Well, for example, laptops.

As you might have known from previous posts(here & there), my sis' laptop was stolen. It was also like my true companion. So, since PC fair is around the corner, I am thinking of getting a new laptop and a new desktop. Well, desktop is not easy to steal and laptop is easy to use. So, this is the best arrangement for me and sis. Now, the biggest problem is here. Which laptop should I buy?

Well, here are my scopes:
  • Cheap (hehe, who doesn't want to get cheap things) - around RM2000 - RM3000.
  • Extreme good quality (Again, who doesn't want this)
  • Not too heavy. Well, I am a guy after all. So, a little weight lifting is just a piece of cake.
  • Super multitasking -MSN, facebook, blogger, email,.... at the same time. (Processing speed is fast)
  • Gaming is not necessary for me. Simple use for students, including a little designing.
  • OMG, I think that's about it.
In summary, cheap, nice, great!

Any good suggestions?! Faster help me to solve my dilemma. I am torn among DELL, TOSHIBA and ASUS. Which one is suitable for me??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Philip Foon Weng Lian said...

Dun ever buy Acer...Just don't!

As long as u have Core 2 duo processor equipped in ur laptop, multitasking is not a problem. Get at least 2GB of RAM if u r planning to get Vista OS. Harddisk space at least 200GB. Dell, Toshiba and Asus are good choices. Dell is for moderate performance but cheap. Toshiba has good quality but expensive and the genuine hardware for Toshiba is expensive in Malaysia. Asus is good for gaming and students who specialise in graphic design. Nowadays, RM2000-3000 can get a very high performance laptop d. Good luck in ur search!

Hp said...

i will advise u to buy ASUS laptop, cos Asus now they using the latest CPU chip which has the fastest speed among DELL and TOSHIBA..and of cos dont buy Acer! LOL

Billy said...

I also don't really like Acer.. but my family just bought 2 Acer laptops.. =.="
Dell or Asus would be good though =)

Borneo Falcon said...

Dell will probably most suit your purpose but do think about desktop. For dektop, better don't go for branded. Built the computer.

Little Bee said...

I don't recommend u to buy Asus. coz i got friends using Asus, i often hear complains abt their laptops. Toshiba will be the best! Though im using Fujitsu. +.+ Good sound system...

renaye said...

what about benq? asus is pretty thick and heavy like my old 5 year old laptop.

BeArLeOnG89 said...

Buy Dell would be just enough for a student.

Xjion89 said...

[Philip Foon Weng Lian]
ooo, thanks a lot. Ur opinion is really awesome.(^^)

Ooo, i will keep in mind, dun buy Acer.

Okie dokie! Acer is the phantom......

[Borneo Falcon]
Yup, I was thinking of that too.

[Little Bee]
Ooo, u hv blogger too. Oic, then, I will see on PC fair tat day. Thanks (^^)

oooo, benq, then, I hv to do some research 1st. Anyway, thanks...(^^)

Hmmm, ok. I will definitely think about it.

To everyone who left your opinion in my comment box and chat box, I sincerely thank all of u. I still haven made up my mind yet. But, when I do, u all will be the 1st... 2nd to know becoz my parents will know 1st(^^)

lcfu said...

toshiba or fujitsu :)

WanWan said...

everyone has different requirement toward PC spec.. so its really depends on own preference de lo.. some said this BRAND good some dont.. so so.. final decision also on ur own..

haha.. sorry.. i seems didn't help u to make ur mind.. haha

Xjion89 said...

oooo, toshiba or dell. Now,plus a fujitsu....hmmm. haha, can decide on PC fair 1(^^)

haha, well, u help me to analysis. Still hv to thank u(^^)

CazzyCazz said...

My dear, check out Lenovo, i will check out the spec for you tomorrow. There is this promo unit, core 2 duo (can't rem the specs) BUT 14.1 inch, only RM2099. Otherwise can consider my 1 month old Dell lappy for RM2499 (maybe now cheaper?)


Go check out PC fair lah, sure got good offer 1, in my cases, i could not wait that long otherwise i prefer to buy during PC fair.

Xjion89 said...

Ooo, i will be going to PC fair. Dell........I would hv to consider it.

A big thanks to u . big *hugs* (^^)

techniqueal t. said...

i like this one best:

"To everyone who left your opinion in my comment box and chat box, I sincerely thank all of u. I still haven made up my mind yet. But, when I do, u all will be the 1st... 2nd to know becoz my parents will know 1st(^^)"


good luck on the laptop hunt. id prefer toshiba though. ^_^