Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chinese New Year Lantern That Shines Up My House.

The picture above shows how the lanterns are being assembled. Oooo, red, red, red!!!!

I have rested enough since undergoing one of the worst moment in my life. Anyway, I had a second date with my friend.(My Birthday). Therefore, I was not really resting because we even went out to Yuk Choy Primary School to watch the Chap Goh Mei Event. Well, that night was really chaotic - there were fireworks, protests, and lucky-draw.....Haha, to be continued in the next post!

Anyway, here are some beautiful moments from my Chinese New Year 2009 - The lanterns that shines up my house.

The different views of the lanterns in different time and space!

My favourite view of the lanterns when they are lit up at night!

This Chinese New Year was really enjoyable. I met a lot of old friends and relatives. They really changed a lot. Well, all my nieces and nephews grew so tall, just like real supermodel.


Borneo Falcon said...


lcfu said...

met up my buddies as well... and realised that we have known each other for more than 15yrs...

renaye said...

nephews and nieces?! how old r u?!

RYC: yea.. i think pets make the most loyal partner. :D

Xjion89 said...


wow, 15 years. I hv to wait another 7 years to reach tat. haha

haha, I am in my early 20ites. ahaa. Yup, pets, juz love them