Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Moment of Silence [LaMB Post 3]

The Poster of The Silence of The LaMBs [Edited]

Speech is such as powerful instrument.It can be used to express a person's point of view, to hurt a person's feeling intentionally or unintentionally, to connect people with people, to voice out your own opinions and your feeling as well. However, we can't always say something out loud! There would always be a moment of silence for some people who could not express themselves. They are either reluctant to share or they have some issues that could not be resolved.

Have I ever been in this kind of situation? I think most people would face this kind of situations very often. A couple years ago, I was put into a very complicated situation. Surprise, even me, a fierce blogger could be speechless sometimes. At that time, I had just ended my secondary school life. That time, I was free like crazy. Then, I found a job nearby my house. As usual, a SPM boy would work as a promoter, well, I followed a path that almost drown me!

Well, at first, everything was okay! But, as time went by, I started to feel isolated because my co-worker was quite close with my supervisor. They were like sisters, literally. Anyway, after weeks of working, things were getting harder instead of getting easier to handle. Then, here came the bomb!!!!!

One day, I was assigned to take care of the stall downstairs. Well, I was supposed to wait until the guard gave further instructions since the shops were closing for the day. However, at that time, all the promoters were already moving upstairs. So, innocently, I just followed them. As soon as I reached the top, my supervisor gave a loud shout of "lecture"- "scolding" to me in front of the whole floor's staffs. It was truly a speechless moment for me! I kept myself shut up and just faced her bravely without any rebuttal. I went home and I just could not tell my parents what happened! This was the first time I felt that I could not express how I FELT!

Well, I faced that like a man! The next day, I went to work again. Even though I felt so reluctant, I thought that as a responsible individual, I must face her and my job. Back there, she was like as if nothing happened last night! That was so fake! But, I kept showing her my "black" face. Then, she finally confronted me and said that she was harsh to me. Apology accepted, but, the scars would not heal that easily.

Then, here came the second blow! It was just like any normal day. I was very happy that I did the business quite good. But, then, she asked my co-worker to "summon" me. When I reached there, my supervisor was so grumpy! She said that I was responsible for all the bad stocks in the stall. Oh, please! I did not arrange those stocks. It was my co-worker who did it! While my co-worker was sitting comfortably upstairs, I was being dragged into a matter that was not my responsibility. Then, I knew that I could not trust my co-worker anymore. She was the double agent between me and my supervisor. That time, I felt that I really could not trust anyone anymore. But, luckily, my efforts were shining through in front of other people. My other brand co-workers gave me support when I needed the most! Even though I really could not express my true self to my supervisor, I had finally learned a very important lesson - True efforts would not be unseen, forgotten, and wasted even you were being underestimated because true talents and efforts shine brightly!

Working there really made me become more mature. That was the true art of office/working politics. Sometimes, qualifications are not everything. There are so many undergraduates and postgraduates being "produced" annually. To stand out of the crowds, we need more than a paper; we need social and communication skills. By combining both, success would not be that difficult as it seems! A moment of silence for me just taught me to be tougher. One day, I would not just keep quiet anymore because sometimes, silence just breeds bully!

LaMBs cannot speak nor do they have free will. Have you ever been in a situation where you felt you couldn't speak up or express yourself?

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