Friday, October 16, 2009

The Journey of A Silent Beetle To The Zen Realm of Eternity


Life is busy! Seeking zen in busy life is definitely not easy! Anyway, the long title is just for fun! (^^) . Yes, my posts is getting less and less and shorter by the day! Just had my lab session today, therefore, there will be 2 deadlines for me ~~~~

Forget about my busy life! Well, with all the hectic lifestyle, I felt somewhat empty! Just like the silent beetle, I am forwarding myself to the front without deciding the true path that I want! Most of the time, we would do something with a purpose and try to achieve our goal. Oh, what if we take 1 day off and do nothing or do something out of order! Let's loosen up a little~~~^^

For me, I would like to take a day off and travel aimlessly in my area~~Of course, snapping pictures would be great because I could record down what I saw. Oh my, it would be a beautiful journey like the journey of a silent beetle to the zen realm. Yet, busy life is definitely a road block(><)....haha, sorry for the semi-emo post^^

Anyway, back to this picture of insectology, this was taken on a bamboo carpet!!!! I am really addicted to take photos of bugs!!! I am getting weirder. Why?! Because insects really make good model in term of posing! But, most of the times, it is difficult to capture it because of its sensitivity. I really like this pictures because its eyes !!!! SO nice(^^)~~~~

P.S: Wish me luck in my assignments!!! Really gotta go . sorry for the short post><~~~I am super tired now ~~~~ nitezzzzzzzzzzzzz~~~


AtelierGal said...

So many things, you take pictures of bugs...-_-""

Good luck~

lisa717 said...

yoh bro!!
sincerely wishing u all the best!!
No worry be happie all the time k??
I m sure you will do your best and your hard work will b paid off^^

Bravebear said...

AntelierGal, bugs are adorable! I like bugs too. I really like beetles. ooo~ and dragonflies, butterflies... Like the photo =)

Anonymous said...

are you using DSLR camera?your photos are really with good quality. really like them. i wish i can take good pics as you.

as the best for you

renaye said...

sweet dreams!!

ç£@Réñ©€ said...

Hahaha. So you like pics of bugs. That's kinda cool. :) And besides, that pic of the beetle was nicely taken. :D

Good luck with the zen life and assignments. Hehe.

Xjion89 said...

[atelier gals]
hahaha, it is pretty cool lah(^^)~~~

yup, thanks ~~~haha, u take care too.

thanks (^^) glad u like it!

no lah, juz normal compact camera. thanks for the compliment. hope to get a dslr soon^^..haha.


thanks, all the best with ur assignments too^^