Monday, July 23, 2012

Taste Different Restaurant 味不同@ Bercham Ipoh


My parents took me personally to enjoy this seafood restaurant known as KEDAI MAKANAN RASA LAIN (味不同) which was more than satisfactory!!!  (Note: This post is quite obsolete, so prices might vary tremendously?????)...hahahahha

Every time, we went there; the people was literally human mountain human sea.. (hahahaha, 人山人海)。Finally, going there around 5.30pm, we snatched a table easily. As a so-called healthy family, we ordered vegetable 1st. Then, came the so-called Stephen Chow's 爆漿瀨尿牛丸alike only,........ the 西刀鱼丸 (Saito Fish balls)  is a must-order !


Then, instead of order dishes and rice, we ordered fish porridge and crab mee which both of them were totally out of the ordinary! The fish porridge's taste was sweet and tasty while the crab mee was really smooth and silky (^^). You can see the crab from the pic below, it was fresh and juicy (^^)


The meal ended with a splash! Really (^^) Because, it is never complete without prawns (^^). We ordered the cheese prawns in claypot. It was like eating a pizza. (^^). hahhahaahhha~~~~


Small Kucing said...

yes, claire have brought me there. love their tang hoon claypot. but the soup very fast soak up by the tang hoon

Xjion89 said...

Their food quite okay , rite? ^^
the more ppl go, the more dishes can order^^