Monday, August 20, 2012

Spaghetti Farm's Where? @ Midvalley


It had been a while since I went go Midvalley after my graduation because currently rotting in Ipoh. Anyhow, I remembered last year Puasa Month, my friend and I went to Spaghetti Farm at Midvalley. It was not easy to get a place that time. Kenny Rogers, Fish Market, Nando...were all booked. We managed to get a spot at Spaghetti Farm. Actually, the place was quite nice with great ambient.


The price of the food was reasonable as well. With soup and drink, the set dinner was fine. Moreover, they provided chili powder and cheese powder.


Looking at the spaghetti, I thought the food would be great. But, to my dismay, the taste was not that great at all; perhaps, it was because a lot of customers, but, the quality must be maintained. Despite the good service provided, the taste mattered the most. These days, I went to the same place;however, it was found that the restaurant was closed or moved?

Anybody knows where is this restaurant now? Or, I was having illusion of my own (^^)???

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