Sunday, August 12, 2012

Geeky Me: Hotmail to Outlook (^^)

Every now and then, I hate my hotmail a lot. Not only the loading speed is horrible, the attachment is slow and sometimes, some emails were lost on the way to the recipients; And, I was only notified a day later (@@). But, I still reluctant to change my hotmail to gmail, yahoo mail ... because hotmail was my 1st email. Moreover, I hate the advertisement on the right side; always ter-click the ads (><)

After 8 years of waiting, hotmail (Microsoft) finally decided to upgrade the system to outlook. Below is the generally outlook of Outlook! It is easier to navigate and the design is so much simpler without the hassle from advertisement. On the right side, the colour panel is available for colours selection despite lack of design. I believe they will add more options soon?~~~

Then, the email panel also undergoes a drastic change as below. My mom had a shock of her life when I persuaded her to upgrade to Outlook. The addresses will be inserted on the left side. I am so in-love with this interface. Then, the easy navigation to contact also quite impressive; therefore, I highly recommend you all to upgrade to Outlook bah; Just 1 click away (^^)

Anyhow, it had been quite a while I post something on IT stuff. I still remember I was such a nerd last time. Now, arrrr, I am totally normal; I prefer to be nerdy (><)...Tatatata~


Kok Leong Lee said...

If you use Gmail, you'll know how similar they are. Still prefer Gmail, because can send sms for free :0

Small Kucing said...

ooo they have upgraded? I have not login for long time. not sure the ac still there or not

Xjion89 said...

true, Microsoft hv to buckle up to compete with strong competitors~

Xjion89 said...

hahhaha, u can get a new 1 easily now