Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mysterious Wantoon Stall @ Seri Kembangan.

Location of the wantoon mee stall: Unknown.. Hahaha, not really, it is located quite near to the Hakka Village Restaurant, just further a bit. Therefore, you have to be observance looking for this Wantoon mee stall in a normal residential area (house in SK Kampung). 

 Even though I called it a Wantoon stall, it still offers a variety of noodles such as kuetieu, wantoon, etc. To top this mee, there were even some stuffed dishes such as fishballs, yongliu, fupei.This is the famous wantoon mee with roastpork (should char siew). Of course, the wantoon is smooth and nice.

They also prepare dessert in this stall. The red-bean soup was quite okay, not too sweet. What I like about this shop is that the price is quite cheap and really taste like a kampung-orientated delicacies (^^)

You should go try to find this mysterious shop to try try ..hohohoho~~~


Small Kucing said...

a lot of good food at SKN.

There was a small wooden house that sells very cheap mixed rice there

Xjion89 said...

Yes, there are a lot of good food hidden thre.
Oic, quite interesting (^^)