Thursday, August 23, 2012

Everything Total Recalled From 1990 to 2012 !

As a crazy movie dweller, I had watched numerous movies since I started laying my eyes on the television screen  Perhaps, I am the era of TV-baby. While nowadays, the children are more to the era of Apple-baby.  Anyhow, I watched Total Recall (2012) (TR2012) in the cinema. After triggering my curiosity button, I ended up downloading the "mature and raw" version of Total Recall (1990) (TR1990) which was made about 22 years ago (@@), almost same age as me!!!!!~ 

Let's talk about the storyline. Well if they didn't tell me that it was a remake of TR1990, I think that TR2012 will definitely fare better. Despite the change in the story, TR1990 is about outer space and Mars while TR2012 is about Earth of 2 different ends, the development is still the same. Basically, it is about a guy whose memory is replaced. Until one day, he went to a company called Total Rekall, which eventually reminded him of his past. TR1990 incorporated a lot of interesting characters from Alien, Mutants.. while TR2012 changed them into robotic soldiers. 

Verdict: TR1990's story was more intriguing; TR2012 gives a fresh new perspective overall. Therefore, if we don;t compare, both individuals are quite well in term of action. 

 Main actors - Colin Farrell and Arnold Schwarzenegger were playing totally similar characters. TR2012 gave a visual superior in action; TR1990 was totally 18PL with blood-shed scene of extreme violence including body explosion, gruesome technology. In this case, I prefer the later one (18PL) while TR2012 is more to (PG13)...hahahaha, no doubt Colin Farrell is kinda hot and sexy in this movie; but, to be truthful, Arnold's acting was so much better than Colin Farrell (@@) ~ Surprised!!! 

 Verdict: Arnold's performance was exceptional great; Colin needed to show more emotional struggle ~

Main Actress  - Kate Beckinsale and Sharon Stone were playing the pure evil wives in this case. But, the twist was that Kate Beck was the main antagonist who kept chasing; But, Sharon Stone sadly was the supportive role in this case; however, her performance was stunning as well. 

Verdict: Kate Beckinsale is my goddess; her acting was terrific as she was totally showing us the Underworld Killer style. Sharon Stone was amazing as well and her action moves were not outdated at all!!!!~  

Overall, if looking at them not as the remake and original, both movies are quite okay as they are unique in the storyline. However, looking them otherwise, TR1990 was actually better than TR2012 in my humble opinion. So, what do you think???? Do you recall what you watch (^^)??? Here is the link by some youtube user comparing both versions, quite interesting too (^^)

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FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

really ? it was soooo long ago? i was not even born yet in

FiSh @ ohfishiee

Xjion89 said...

wow, you are still young (^^)

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