Saturday, May 31, 2008

Paper Chicken(纸包鸡)(Serdang)-muz try..XD.

This blog is to continue with the story of my journey home. Well, going back home was not an easy task. As you can see from my previous blog, it involved a lot of packing. But, it also involved of a lot of eating.

Before my family and I went back, we needed energy to pack my enormous amount of stuffs. I am not joking. That was why we went to Serdang - A land of food heaven.I must say that compared to any places in Selangor like Semenyih..., Serdang has a lot of must-try delicacies. This time, I am recommending paper chicken. Without writing too much , let the pictures do the talking.

This is the shop in Serdang famous for paper chicken. If you can't see clearly, the name of the shop is LIANG YA (梁雅). Nice name-I tell you that this shop is really famous. If you go there, must try paper chicken(纸包鸡)
Serdang Famous----Liang Ya

That day, other than paper chicken, we also tried other delicacies. The food there actually gives me the feeling of home, like a cooking of a mother. It was not too luxurious, yet, it made me feel like eating at home. Really like home-cooked food. I loved them.

yup. standard-sum song yi tong

Now, comes the main character-paper chicken(纸包鸡)
When you look at it, you will think what is inside that little packet. Well, it is pocketful of amazing food.

paper chicken...

When you opened it, you can smell the scent. Very inviting one.....

You can see that it was very smooth and the texture was just right. The taste was just ngam ngam..haha a.k.a just right.
Famous delicacy-paper chicken

So, if you pass by Serdang, don't just go to the fancy restaurants in The Mines. Or, when you vacation in The Gorden Horse Palace, you must find a chance to try paper chicken...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Leaving My Uni( Comic Version)

Sometimes, I love my Uni and sometimes, I hate my Uni. But, when I was leaving my Uni, I was certainly missing it. Well, I missed my room a bit because I have been staying there for an academic year. I miss the surrounding of my Uni. Of course, I missed the people there, lecturers, friends, room mate, house mates and course mates .

But, we have to face the fact that not everything will last forever, sometimes, something might end so fast without realising it. So, I have to say bye bye to my uni for a moment, approximately 3 and a half months. Well, now, I will show the chaotic packing moment in comic version.

like being robbed

It was my lovely closet. Well, it looked like it was being robbed. I was like almost have to move the whole closet back home.

clothes hangers

Aren't they nice? They supported my clothes for almost a year. This photo is to salute the hangers. Thank you!!!!

Packing empty

Finally, my closet was empty. Well, it took me quite some time to pack. But, I was enjoying it.


At last, all my stuffs were ready to go. YAYAYAYA, I can't wait to go home(already back home. hahaha!!!)

Leaving my Uni was difficult at a certain moment. Well, I am human after all. But, then, I felt a sense of freedom and release after leaving. Maybe, I was under too much pressure. But, now, I am definitely enjoying my holiday.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Holiday Tasks Lists

It is holiday already. The duration of my holiday is about 3 and a half months. Oh my gosh! 3 months, what will I do? I don't want to just stay at home doing nothing. So, I am planning to write out a holiday task list:

1) Get rid of my ulcers(they are killing me-total 3 of them)
-it is my fault, I shouldn't eat that much of unhealthy food.

2) Change my appearance
- I want to change everything about me from the outside.
-gain weight or lose weight?

3) Work for money
-studying in my Uni is not cheap, if I don't earn extra money, I think I am going to starve to death when I go back.

4) Practise amazingly hard for my Grade 8 Piano test.
-after this, I will be able to relax a bit.(haha!!!)

5) Travel
-domestic travel,where else can I go? No money ,no talk.

6) Learn something new.

7) Make new list with more things to do
- well , that is life. I need more things to do.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Two Movies in a Week.

After I have finished my tests, it is time to set myself free. So, after the test, a whole gang of us went to watch movie in Time Square. Well, I watch "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian", it was okay. I have to be frank, the movie was actually quite good. But, there were 2 main problems - the role of the main character and the storyline. Well, other than that, it can considered of the good movies that I have watched. So, must not miss this movie.

Then, today, I went out again. (Yup, I am so horrible, keep on going out to waste money!!!I feel so ashamed). But, "Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" was just phenomenal. I really love it. I loved his movies since I was like super young, from :Starwar series to Indiana Jones series. To me, he is already a living legend. By the way, he is sixty-five-year-old. No kidding, he almost reaches 70, but, he is still as energetic as ever. Salute my movie hero!!!Please don't quit Indiana Jones movie....

Chinese Version

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Renaissance: My light of hope

My light of hope

This is one of my favourite pictures which I took from my Uni. It was about 5-6pm when I took it . Well, if I am not mistaken, I was playing volleyball that time.

Actually, this picture, I have oready used it for my chinese blog. But, I really like this picture. So, I decide to repost this picture again. I called this picture " The Light of Hope".

I am glad that I have the chance and at the right time, I capture this photo. For me, it is my light of hope. When people lost hope, they are surrounding by darkness. But, beyond the darkness, you can see a ray of light - a light of hope.

So, when you are depressed, sad, down, don't ever give up. You must face it as the light of hope will always guide you to the right path.

So, here , I am honoured to share my light of hope. Let it be the light of hope to everybody.

Contribute to the victim of the Earthquake in China.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Natural Disaster

lives are taken from their love ones, shelters are shattered in front of the residents,...These are the works of natural disasters. The earthquake in China had left an impact to the people and the culture there.

In an instance, numerous people died and uncountable buildings just collapsed. It was a sad moment to everybody. I read the newspaper. With all those pictures and vivid descriptions, my heart was also deeply affected. Seeing all those people suffering from the disaster, I am sad because the disaster took the lives of many people, left the survivors homeless, .......

What we can do is to help them are by donating fund and support them morally. Of course, let 's us grieve for a moment for those who lost their lives in the disaster.......

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mariah Carey's *18 U.S NUMBER 1* + "E=MC2"

E=MC2, when most people see this equation , they would have thought of Einstein. Well, in this new era, E=MC2 can mean much more different than the older days. Yup, E=MC2 is actually representing (Emancipation of Mimi = (MARIAH CAREY )^2). Isn't this album name very creative? Mariah Carey (MC) is making her name into a brand.

Recently, I think that most people might have heard that she has 18 number 1 singles in the U.S chart. She broke Elvis Presley's record. She is absolutely an amazing singer. With her voice , she practically can sing any songs from high-pitched to low-toned.

MC has always been a diva since her debut in the music industry. But, sometimes, life is not what you hope, just like Britney Spears.(You know what I mean) Even in her glorious moment, she had a moment of "unhappiness". She rested for a while. Then , there comes" Through the Rain" , the diva returns. In this song, she sings her soul out. It is still very inspiring to me and to many people until now. This song was her coming back. Hopefully, Britney also returned to her old-self.(Go!!! Britney!!!)

Since then, she is just unstopped when she debuted her new album, "Emancipation of Mimi". It was a wonderful album which 2 of her songs - "We belong together" and "Don't Forget about Us" were able to reach number 1 in U.S chart.

Here is the list of the 18 number :

U.S. Number-one singles

(adapted from Wikipedia)

As you can see, I particularly love 7 songs from the list. Haha, some of her songs are considered classical. I guess you know what I mean. My favourite from the 7 songs is actually.....

This is her 18th Number 1 single:-"Touch My Body"

Even though, her 18th single is a record-breaking single. Her latest songs receive a lot of critics. Some people said that she is not the diva she used to be anymore and she can't hit high note a.k.a she don't know how to sing. Well, this, I have to say something. Before, people try to criticise, they should try to sing her new song "bye bye". I bet that not many people can't sing like her. First, R&B need rhythm-accuracy, well , she has it. Then, in R&B songs, emotion is also important, well, again, she has it . Then, in R&B, it is not easy to hit a high note. Clearly, she can sing higher-pitch than almost anyone on the earth. That's is why she is a diva. Well, I do miss the ballad diva, when she sings with emotions, it really inspires people. But, we have to face the fact that people change, so does MC. Now, she is a R&B diva, so just accept. if she wants to, she can go back to her old-styles.

Another new song of hers, hopefully, her 19th number 1 single-"Bye Bye"

Monday, May 12, 2008


Dilemma is a strong word. Wherever , whenever we go, there would be the existence of


Sometimes, life is hard because of dilemma. But, without dilemma, life would also be boring and

predictable. We really need dilemma to spice up our life.

But, in this way, dilemma is like necessity in life. But, when too much dilemmas are pouring in ,

usually, we are the one who would suffer to most. If we don't know how to handle the situation,

just situation runs its course.

However, life is a choice. You can choose to be this side or the opposite site. You, yourself is

the key holder. So, you decide

Chinese Version

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

To be honest, I am very busy revising for my final. This year is my first year

that I didn't celebrate Mother's Day. Well, I really hope that I can go home. But,

final is on Monday.

Even though, there would be disappointment to my mother. But, I would try my

best to create a mother's day atmosphere in long distance. Right now, I have been

studying the whole day long. It is really exhausted(it is my bad also), I should have

prepared earlier. Oh well, no use crying now.

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow List:

  1. I would talk to her on the phone for 2 hours(Maxis family plan-free 20 hours talktime)
  2. I would sms her mother's day wishes after wishes(She would be very annoyed and ignore my sms, hahaha).
  3. Finally, the ultimate secret gift for my mother. Since I am not there, well the plan is executed by my high commander, Papa and his sub-coordinate, bro.......

Hopefully, the plan will work very well(Crosses my fingerss).

Happy Mother's Day

Chinese Version

Thursday, May 8, 2008

When Will I See Your Face Again and Again

When you meet someone who is special, I am sure that you will remember his or her face. Then, you will keep on thinking of that special face days and nights. Even when you are sleeping, you also think of that face. But, what is so bizarre is that you may or may not know the name of that memorable face.

That is what so special with such amazing encounter. Well, to be honest, I had once or twice of these kind of encounter. But, I know that sometimes it is not realistic. What can I do? I am just a normal person. As time goes by, you will start to forget. This is a new start again. But, before that, you will wonder when will you see that face again. And if luck is on your side, or it is destined for both of you meet again, I am sure that it would be more than an encounter, it might be fate or (he or she just want to dupe you.haha, I AM NOT JOKING. So, be careful. )

Sometimes, maybe , fantasy is just the right thing for us. In reality, nothing is what it seems. But, the lovely song by Jamie Scott and The Town gives me a moment of fantasy. So, enjoy it............I am loving it (the song is just simply amazing.....)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Leaving Home(Desperate College Students)

It is time again for me to leave my hometown to return to my University. Even though there is still time before I start my final examination, I think it is better I go back earlier. Of course, before that , I must catch up some of the shows that I missed. And, right now, I am watching "Desperate Housewives". Well, right now, it is in its fourth season.

I love this current episode. This episode is about Carlos leaving Edie. Bree's daughter, Danielle , giving birth to her grandchild. Susan visiting her criminal father-in-law, and Gabriellee about to leave Victor and so on. It is all about excitement this episode, well, practically every episode is exciting. This episode lesson is " What does not kill us, make us stronger". I will remember this line........... So, you all must not miss it.

And lastly, I found a promo clip for Desperate Housewives Season 4.Wow, it is amazing...enjoy..

Monday, May 5, 2008

Over My Dead Body.......

To be honest, Uni life is not that easy. Well, I am having my study week. But,apparently, I did not do any revision yet. Instead, I watch a few interesting movie.One of them is Over Her Dead Body .

Of course, the main actress is one of my favourite actress Eva Longoria a.k.a Mrs. Parker. Yup, she was able to get the man. Who says that small girl can't get big guy.(hahaha)

In Over Her Dead Body, she died at the beginning of the movie. Then, she tried about everything to break up her almost-to-be hubby and his new love interest. Well, seeing a woman and a ghost fight for a man, that is interesting. At the end, who wins?who loses? Then, you have to watch to find out(or have you watched it?)

It is just a great comedy that will make you laugh your head offf.....not joking...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Organising My Blog

Well, my blog is still new. Therefore, it is normal

to have some time to organise my blog a.k.a

make my blog "cooler".

Of course, I am not that familiar with how

to customise my blog. So, I would keep my blog

design simple for now.

Hmmm...I think I would start by categorising

my articles...

What should I have?







What else...?


Book(even I seldom read)

Photographing....I love to take pics



Personal Feeling

My Pets World

My School life

IT world



I am sure that it would be fun for me to blog. Coz I just love to express in writing.............

By th way, I love to blog in Chinese as well, so , visit my at My Chinese Blog

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Moving again

I think this is the second time I move my blog.

First, it was from friendster.

Now, from window live spaces to blogger.

Moving from blog sites to blog sites, I really

feel like I am like the master of the moving castle,


Hopefully, this time I will stay...........