Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mental Boosting Songs (^^) ~

It is kinda funny! With all the crazy things running around, there are several mental boosting songs that accompany me throughout the hardship! Yes, assignments and exams will always be around the corner making you crazy a bit! Then, here comes the Savior! I roughly remember what songs had been with me throughout those almost falling moment for me; yet, they pulled me up again and again!

Foundation Year
  • Teardrops on my guitar (Taylor Swift)
  • Love Songs (Sara Bareilles)
  • Man Eater (Nelly Furtado)
Yup, I was listening to them non-stop when I have assignment-rush and exam-revision! They give me some weird energy boost!

Year 1
  • Mariah Carey 18 No. Hits!!!!!!!
  • Touch My Body
  • We belong together
  • It's like that !
  • Through the rain!!!!!! (Still my fav)

 Year 2
  • Love Song (方大同)
  • 爱情万岁 (郑秀文)
  •  Voice Within (Christina Aguilera)
  • Toxic (Britney Spears)
Year 3
  • 礼物 (刘力杨)
  • 一半 (丁当)
  • 没那么简单 (黄小琥)
  • Love You Like A Love Song (Selena Gomez) @@~~
  • Rolling in Deep (Adele)
Year 4
  • 想自由 (Yoga Lim)
  • A thousand Years (Christina Perri)
  • It will Rain (Bruno Mars)
  • Someone like You (Adele)
  • End of Time (Beyonce)
  • Love On Top (Beyonce)
  • Dance for You (Beyonce) (18 sx)

Oh Yes, currently crazy of this video!!! It is just plain amazing and full of motion (^^)
This is song of my sunshine this year!!!! It gives me a breath of fresh air with loads of sunlight!!!
Totally My QUEEN (^^)~
Anyhow, still don't have time to do blog-visit (><) To do list:
  • Examinations - 4 modules
  • FYP still needs to continue
  • CFD Coursework while preparing for exam @@~~~~~~~~~~



Monday, November 21, 2011

I am not Dead; But Definitely Half-Dead!

Wow, it had been a while since my last update! Yup, everything is simply crazy and chaotic now! All my works are totally off the schedule!!!!! Oh yes, I am in deed trouble (><)~Anyhow, my hyper-super-mode is totally on! It is time to work like a crazy cow!!!!!!!~

Okey, au revoir guys! It is time to move super duper fast now; if not, I really can't finish all my work on time !!!!~ To do list:
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Assignment 1 (Giving me a hard time, but I still kinda like it!)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Assignment 2 (Totally not Chemical-related)
  • Air Pollution Control 
  • Advanced Rheology and Material
  • Process Synthesis and Design
  • Definitely, not to leave it out (Final Year Project : 50 credittttt oooooooooooooooooooooooooo)
Wish me a lot of LUCK!!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nankurunaisa (なんくるないさ) from Blood+ 4th Year Student Perspective

Everything seems so hard. Yet, isn't this a part of our lives? Currently in my 4th year (Final Year), the stress and pressure are totally unbearable. I still wonder why there are too many courseworks. But, still have to live on and move on.

Got inspired from the anime - Blood+. One of my favs that is a bit realistic. The song above really soothes my tension. Anyhow will not be blogging that much due to extreme coursework mode.

Nankurunaisa - A Japanese word - Difficulties come not! (from Google Translate)
I am wishing everybody to overcome the difficulties!
Wish me luck (^^)


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Malaysian Nationality Radiated Under The Light of The Moon


Don't be confused about my title. The photo of the moon is just another random snapshot near my house. Anyway, the resolution here is a bit bad because my camera don't really work well in dimmed atmosphere. I still love the little orange moon. It gives me a feeling of mysterious of somekind like werewolf etc...hohoho (random thought)

What I want to discuss here is on Malaysian Nationality. It triggered my mind as it all started in the KTM. It was one not-so-fine night, I just boarded the train. Suddenly, at the next door, there was a foreigner, guy, who was carrying a lot stuffs heading to KL Sentral. It was nothing special until the guy started to talk in fluent Malay with a weird accent quite loudly. He was talking to a Indonesian guy. Apparently, the indo guy was helping him at 1st. The loud guy (from Iran) started to tell him stories....Then, he said that he is a Malaysian. The Indo didn't believe that. Then, the argument just started..................

Iran Guy: Saya Malaysian. Saya sudah beberapa tahun di sini (Impressive, he spoke very well). 
Indo Guy: Yakeh? (Put on a sarcastic smile)
Iran Guy: Apa! Saya memang Malaysian. ..........(talking non-stop).

Then, the Iran guy lost his patience and started to ransack his own stuffs. He took out his wallet and showed his pink identity card. He was so furious that he threw all his stuff out and started to pack his stuffs@@~~~ At the end, the Indo guy and his gang went out and tried to trick the Iran guy that they reached KL Sentral already despite we were still at Tasik Selatan. However, it was just in time that a policeman came and warned them~ Boo to the Indo gang and Salute to the Iran guy. 

The lesson here is other people are so appreciative towards our country nationality. Therefore, as we are born here, we should be more grateful of our country despite there are still some ugliness. Which country doesn't have any ugliness there? We are the one who decide the future of our country (^^)~~


Friday, September 30, 2011

The Sun Lee How Fook @Jalan Kampar, Ipoh ~~


This restaurant is quite famous in Ipoh! Before it moved to its new premise, it was praised until like the taste of heaven. Anyhow, the restaurant premise now is huge and can accommodate a lot of customers !~ They even prepare some nice fake mountain feature outside the building!!! (^^)


As my family was having a luncheon with my uncle family, we were greeted with some nice titbits. !

The 1st dish we ordered was the egg fried with bitter melon. It was quite nice and suitable for a hot afternoon!



Of course, the next dish was a curry boar! I am no fan of curry! But, this was quite nice!!!!~~


Despite against my will, the folks still ordered another fried pork and roasted pork. Anyhow, the combination was amazing even though it was a bit too fatty for old people~~~~


After all the meaty dishes, it was time to clear a bit of our stomach! Oh yes, the vegetable soup was just in time to put off the fire in our stomachs..


Lastly, the steamed and fried fish combination came in as the final dish. It was a bit over fried for the part. Everything was so nice until this dish! Oh well, perhaps, they would have a moment of slip~
I still give a 8.5/10 for this restaurant!

This means you should go try try ~ The price I almost forgot to mention was moderate! Not over-expensive or cheap~ But, worth to try (^^)~


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Snail and The Bug - The Fight To Be The Next Top Model?


I love to take photos of small animals. They are constantly inspiring me in every way. Despite their beauty, they make no easy model for me. They don't understand human words nor do they pose according to my desire. Therefore, as soon as they find out that someone is taking photos of them, they will start to avoid my lens! I love the challenge! I love my pics are not perfect (Hope that I will get a new DSLR in the future (><)) Anyhow, using my beautiful compact camera, I really learn a lot. If you know how to use a tool, a simple rock can kill a fierce monster!

Anyhow, this photo was taken in my mom's garden. I spotted this little cutie snail loitering at the purple plant. Immediately, I grabbed my camera and started to take photo non-stop. However, another cute little bug invaded the scene! This cute little guy/gal just walked on the back of the cute snails!!!!~Hahaha, I guess they are fighting to pose for me? It was really a moment to remember (^^)~

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Barbaric Tale Of Conan The Barbarian 2011

I still remembered vividly the cartoon I watched when I was so little. It was either 10.30 a.m. or 11.00 a.m broadcasted on TV3. The cartoon was about a half-naked man who fought evil witch and sorcerer with his intelligence, wisdom and amazing stamina!!!~  Forever, this cartoon burnt into my head because it was so nice back then. 

It was adapted into a movie very long time ago and acted by Arnold. I didn't watched that version though; so, as a "first timer" for this movie, I was quite interested in watching this movie, and to my surprise, I won a pair of tickets to the show!!! Yeah (^^)

However, to my surprise again, the movie was superbly violent with fallen heads and cut-off limbs@@~The movie was mainly about a warrior who seek revenge on the massacre of his family and his village. With action, passion, special effects, beautiful actors, I thought those were the main ingredients for a successful movie. Yes, they were! The movie was quite nice!~ Yet, it contradicts with the image of Conan in my mind. In the movie, he was being presented to be an arrogant skillful warrior who fears no one! During my cartoon days, he was a wise barbarian who always save the day!~
Despite IMbd rated this movie to be 5.3, I would give it a 7/10 because the action was nice and intense. No moment was wasted as constant actions were fed into the scene! However, this movie still lacks of a strong storyline or unexpected twist! And, of course, Rose McGowan (Charmed) played well as the evil witch; but, the lack of magical scene made the movie rather dull~ Overall, it was ngam ngam passed my test (^^)..hohohoho~~~

How about you? You watched it oredy?


Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Tranquility of LIfe


My life is deemed to be chaotic soon despite the preparation being done. Oh well, this is the time to accept the fact that life still goes on. Personally, I am a person who loves peace and quiet. Even though I am such a loud person in front of my friends (Hyper-active, especially the mouth), deep down inside, I am quite a cool person. Why? Because if I am constantly in cool state, I am sure people will never dare to come near to me and be my friend. 

It is so easy to be alone. Letting someone inside your life is not that easy! Sometimes, there are a lot evil people outside. Only time will prove who is your friend and who is your foe. Regardless of this risk, I still open myself to the people and the world outside. Regardless of countless times of being hurt and betrayed, I still believe that there are true friends out thre! (^^)

Another aimless emotional post (^^)~

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fatt Ji @Semenyih


The 1st time I stepped foot in this restaurant for a friend birthday celebration. Oh yes, it seems that I always help my friend to celebrate birthday.Really no money already! Hope tat they will repay in the future..hohohoho~

Anyway, this post is intended for good food (^^)~ Located in Semenyih, an used-to-be ulu place (developing fast thanks Nottingham Malaysia), this little restaurant is just opposite the famous temple in Semenyih central!
The 1st dish was the taufu with meat pieces. Surprisingly, it was quite nice! Loving the steamy feel of this pic~


The fried pork was quite well done too! Despite a bit over-fried, it was totally fulfilling our tastebuds.!
As healthy people, we also ordered numerous of mushroom dishes with a lot of vegetables. Always meat, it will definitely sicken your tummies! So, take some veges as often as possible is good (^^)
I think this is a relatively short post ~~~ (><) It seems that my holiday will end soon. Need to settle all the personal stuffs and ready to start my new sem!!!! Wish me all the best (><)!!!


Monday, September 19, 2011

The Pirates Once Conquered The Midvalley City

Yeah, it is holiday for me finally! My 3 months holiday now only left 1 week (><)~ Anyway, I learned a lot from my internship this year! It made me a tougher person! Hohohoho~ Anyhow, feel attracted by my title? Yes, me 2!!! (^^)~~~
This post I should have updated a long time ago when the premier of the Pirates of The Caribbean 4! Midvalley is always into the "in" stuffs. No wonder despite weekdays, it is still full of customers walking here and there. If you remember (here), last time, Midvalley also wooed his fans with the amazing Alice in The Wonderland decor! This time, I would say that the pirate theme was amazing as well~

Yup, here is the starting of the gallery where it displayed some fine nice tools used in the movie (^^)

The replica there was amazing! If you can see clear, can click on the photo to photobucket~ Of course, the ship wasn't that real! But, it was still breathtaking ! They even had performances on the stage there (^^)


More relics to be spotted from treasure chest to gold bars to skeletons (^^) ~ It was simply cool event! I love those rings a lot (^^)!!!!!!~~

The main attraction was still the ship though despite I DIDN'T really like it ~~~ 

Anyway, I salute Midvalley for always being innovative and creative to attract and serve its customer (^^)~~


Friday, September 16, 2011

Malaysia Best in Losing Skilled Talent~With "Good" Education System!

When you talk about Malaysia, it is beautiful and peaceful and all. But, yet, I still think that Malaysian government can do more. Just watched the NTV7 siasat, I must admit this show is getting better and better! More critical reviews are being shown to the public! This week, it was about the Malaysian youngsters studying in Singapore's government schools while still living in Malaysia! More info at here!

Malaysia already lost some fine talents @SPM and @STPM level. Now, with more children going to Singapore at such tender age, I believe Malaysia will be facing the talent shortage. Thus, at the end, foreign talents will be hired to work in Malaysia at a higher price!

  1. Everchanging of English and Malay Language as The Teaching Medium.
It is so tiresome to see our Education Ministry keeps on changing non-stop! If English is chosen, then stick with it! Now, after 5 years (how i know because I was the last batch learning in Malay), they go to change it again! Non-consistent education will only produce incompetent students. Instead of changing back to Malay, find solutions! Wonder why is it so difficult?

     2.  The Less Insured Placement in Local University.

You may be the top student in your school or even a top scorer in the Nation. Yet, you are not offered a place in the local university for the course you like like medicine, engineering, pharmacy....Now, fine if you can't secure a place due to average results. However, if you studied like a machine, scored straight As, you still couldn't get 1. This is definitely not your fault! The system in the local university might be biased. I can't really comment on that unless they show us the criteria on the students' selection. Then again, if result is not the part of it, what is? After seeing a lot of seniors suffered after scoring straight As in their STPM, I decided to enroll to a private university. A lot of them ended up in Singapore because Singapore appreciate talents! They even got scholarship to continue their studies there with a bond of course. But, isn't that great ?

     3. Competitive on Getting Scholarship
Malaysia's scholarships are hard to get! If you get 1, you really win a lottery. Yet, I still think the system in scholarship really not efficient. The government's criteria to find the scholars again are uncertain! In the end, a lot of full As students go on National TV to appeal their cases. Okay, it is fine if you said that results are not everything; that's why interview is required. However, I heard a lot of stories~~~

   4. University Level Education

Okay, if you are studying in University, I think English should be the main medium in teaching unless you are learning foreign language. However, from what I heard, it was not the case. Some of the lecturers conduct the teaching solely in Malays. Not that I am saying it is bad, you are loving your country. However, in term of teaching, you are actually educating the student to be less comprehensive in English~ Talking about the recent World university ranking, a government servant said that it is a bad influence to take notice of this rank! I said shut up~ From this ranking, you know your level! And, from there, it is never to late to improve it! How? I think should as the professional educator to solve it~ If not, why you hire them for the 1st place~
Just from a simple analysis, you would know that the Education system in Malaysia is still not effective enough to consider all the aspects! How will Malaysia strop lossing skilled talent? 

Solve the problem from the root! From our children! Start to learn from other countries' education system! Why are they more successful ?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Healthy Lei Cha 河婆健康擂茶 @ Kampung Tawas


This place I last time visited quite frequently during my internship last year. (For the address and contact, you can see from the image above). Omg, how time flew crazily without mercy! Oredy 1 year! I feel so old! Anyhow, let's talk a bit about this traditional delicacy!

1st - It is a often by being referred as Hakka (客家)food; But, from where I come from, I was told that it is originated from Hopo (河婆). Anyway, they have similar culture with almost similar accent. 

2nd - It is a mixed of various vegetables with minimal rice along with a very nice "green soup" (Some people would feel weird about this soup). Of course, it is not entirely meat-free because some dried shrimps are used in this dish in a traditional way! But, it is again up to you what you want to put in~


Usually, eating this delicacy, I would order another yong tau fu to accompany the luicha~~Hahaha, yup, the owner is an old lady who is always busy taking care of her grandson(^^)~~


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where's My Present Paper Game!

Since my depressed post on weight matter, it is time to brighten up my bloggie!!!! (^^)~~ Actually, not really...Well, this post is about my last semester assignment in Project Management!~ Basically, as chemical engineer, it is important to learn about management skills. Therefore, we were forced  happy to do a Paper Game for Christmas celebration. 

This was one of the most memorable assignments ever! Well, kinda painful to remember it! But, to me, any memories are good memories! We have to look back but no having hard feeling; instead we learn! Anyway, I know you all anxious to see the final product!


Where's My Present from The Seven Dwarfs 


When you open it, you will see this amazing layout! A big thanks to my groupmates!


Of course to find the present, the children need to travel the paths using the dices and players provided (^^)


The 1st person to reach the Christmas tree in the center will get some nice rewards!!!!~~

Despite the hardship in creating this product along with report and presentation, it was unforgettable to me and members. I think from this module, it opens me to another world of business. It widens my narrow thought on management....


Friday, September 9, 2011

Weight Matter

Some people are blessed with amazing figure; some people no matter what they do, it is still the same. Okay, how come Mr. J here suddenly feel like talking about weight. Because over the past 4 years, there is a tremendous transformation of my body shape to a pear shape! Anyway, I was so used to people calling skinny last time. 

Right now, I am a fat boy (called by a used to be fat boy, Kokleong). Haiz, he finally got his way back to me! It is his turn to get a demon-like body liao. ~ Despite my enormous weight gain, it is not really obvious except for the dropping chest and a bit of waistline increment. I still don't understand where are all the gained fats hiding?

Oh well, it is time to lose some weight for healthy sake. Still, it is almost never easy to maintain that kind of lifestyle. Can you guys share me some tips on lazy lose weight method? hahahahaha

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Marco Pizza @ Opposite Kelana Jaya LRT!!!!~ (Pizza Battle 1)

After several boring posts about negative of KTM, it is time to move on! What is the best thing to do on Sunday?! Relax and chill, and definitely update my foodie bloggie! To date, some of my more popular posts are on food in Ipoh. Yup, I am from the heaven of good food. Anyway, today, not gonna talk about Ipoh food yet! Instead, I am gonna introduce you all a pizza shop called "Marco Pizza". The location is relatively easy to find which is just opposite the Kelana Jaya LRT.


Yup, as you can see from the pic, the atmosphere there was quite nice and comfy! Ok, the main reason why I wanted to try this restaurant was because I won RM60 vouchers for it! Yeah!!!!~ Seemed like my magical lamp (here) works pretty fine to me ~~~~So, I brought my mom and bro who were ngam ngam in town to join this feast. If not, I can't really finish the vouchers all by myself. 

The drinks we ordered were quite good actually (To my surprise). The mango puree wasn't too sweet with a lot of mango inside it. The cappuccino was really nice and came in large cup..hehehehehe~~~

I have to say this - their spaghetti were really nice tooooo~~ I thought it will be like not that tasty. The portion was also quite large too. 

Well, I am sure that you all can't wait to have a look at the pizzas we ordered right! Since they were the main highlight for this foodie post, we ordered 2 pizzas (Marco Pizza mah).
They were quite tasty! Actually, i would say that the flavouring for the pizzas were quite unique unlike what we tasted in Pizza hut. Therefore, my mom, bro, and I were really satisfied with the food. 


Atmosphere     : 4/5 (nice and clean)
                   Taste            : 4.2/5 (unexpectedly nice)       
                                                          Price           : 2/5 (without the vouchers, they really cost a leg!)     


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

KTM just Gave The Nation an Unforgettable Merdeka and Hari Raya Celebration!

I sudah balik-ed kampung~ Therefore, today, I decided to take the 3 something bus to return to KL. It was a bit jammed at Simpang Pulai. However, after that, the journey was all smooth until the real nightmare came into my life! 

The bus dropped me at the KL Central. Obviously, to reach my place, I needed to take the KTM ~~~ (><)!!!! So, I reached there around 6.30 p.m. I was thinking it would not be as crowded as the usual days because of the holiday. Think again, I was super wrong! When i reached the platform, it was truly a sea of people! Basically,most of them were foreign workers! Yup, they really conquered KL during holiday!!!!~~

Well, the sea of humans weren't horrifying; but, the never-coming trains were definitely terrifying! From 6.35 p.m, the train did come; but, it was impossible for me to squeeze inside the train at all because of my luggage. Then, for the past 1.5 hours, I was stuck there with a huge crowd and barely could breathe without air-condition! 

The broadcaster kept on saying because of technical problem between Bank Negara and KL stations; therefore, only 1 rail could be used! I was like even if 1 rail could be used at a time, there would be a way to balance the time and the train because usually the trains came at different time. Oh well! 

Finally, I was able to push my way into the train. Then, there were people shouting and pushing. Yup, currently, I am full of bruises and cuts! There was this girl finally could not stand it and shouted out:

I beh tahan; biar saya turun!!!!~~

I should have followed her. For the journey on the train, I was super uncomfortable with people pressing on me and I could not move and my heong piang all ruined!!!!!!!!!!!~~~I was sweating from inside and outside!!! People inside the train were all talking and laughing; Yes, Maggie, their smells were more horrible than me!!!!~ Oh please, when there are so many people in the train, please shut up because you are taking a lot O2!!!~

Anyway, "thanks" to KTM for making this a "wonderful" and unforgettable celebration of Merdeka Day and Hari Raya celebration!!!! You always give me "good" memories!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Pudu Central (The Old Puduraya)


The old Puduraya has finally gone through an extreme makeover! Abundant of money was invested into the renovation process. Wah lah, here is the exterior design of the new Pudu Central! To me, the exterior design is not that important~

Let's go inside and have a look!


Well, the interior is majestically white! Most of the shop lots are still empty. But, the design is still lack of consideration! The ticket booths are situated at the 1st floor. And, before that, there is a staircase that we need to take before getting to the elevator! Imagine that old people need to carry their luggage and walk the stairs@@~~


The atmosphere there is cool because of the internal air-condition. There are ample of spaces for the visitors. So, no worry for not having enough seats! Of course, there are numerous of the digital screens to show the visitors the departure time and platform. This, I give credit~


The passage way to the bus terminal is beautifully designed. But, it is not really convenient for the visitors because the sign on how to open the doors is so small~~ Very paiseh leh, I had a hard time finding the button there..hohohoho~~~


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus Green Week (UMNC) Going Green!

Finally, after studying so many years, my uni decided to take huge step in going green! Even though I consider myself as a green person, I still think my effort is not that strong~ I practice 3Rs and try to minimise the usage of energy and water. I am hoping to venture into renewable energy field. Oh well, what a nice dream I have! 



This was the launching of Green Week. The second picture was the programme prepared by Our Nature Club. To be honest, this was one of the most successful event in 2011 in UNMC Campus (^^)~~~ I joined almost all the events there. (Catch? I can get a free tupperware and also support the Green Trend)~~


After the launching, there was a tree planting ceremony! Oh yes, I planted a tree that day (^^) Hopefully after 10 years away, the tree will stand strong and shade our Motherland !~


The next event was a talk from The Greenest Man on Planet! Super duper coool!!!~~~~


The last night was a SUPER DUPER fun night which was like a little Pasar Malam with night show (^^)

Oh yeahhhhhhh~~~ these were the goodies I got from the event! It was so coool~~


Monday, August 22, 2011

I am Getting Lucky Again ( Lucky Lamp)

It had been a while since I share any lucky news. But, I can't keep this anymore. Hahaha, actually, not really, I am so busy that I lost track that I actually won something this year!~~Hohohoho~ FYI, Mr Kenneth Fan~ So, I randomly joined an online contest host by Sunrise Berhad. Just accidentally, I won the consolation prize. (I was hoping to win the grand prize - ipad)......(><) Oh well, it is my luck!~


Here was the prize collection venue! Super duper not easy to find! However, I was only late for 15 mins..hehehhee~Oh well, it was a simple event! But, totally grand though!~ However, when I went to the assigned shop to collect the lamp, the owner was rather irresponsible! He insisted that there were not stocks ~~ (What~~ Then, don't promise the company like that lah)~~~Cis~~~


This is lucky lamp I won! Well, I don't really want to talk about its worth~It is not about the money money moeny~ It is just about some little good things that happened in my life.....I am just a grateful to have won something...Hahaha, I am super duper easy to be contented even I won a little key chain(^^)~~

For those who are reading this post, Have A Lucky Year (^^)


Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am a What? Weird Uncle Magnet??? Thanks to KTM

Every day seems like moving so slow for me, to an extend, it is a hellish feeling! So, today or just now, KTM gave me another horrible slap on my face! So, at 7.47pm, I reached KTM. As indicated by their notice, the next train should be arriving at 8pm! Guess what?! It only arrrived at 8.50pm! 

Oh yes, I waited for a freaking hour!!!! But, that was not all. A weird Chinese uncle just dropped by and greeted with me. At least, I felt nothing until he walked one round and sat by side. Then, he took out a magazine and started to laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.......Until there were too many people there, he decided to shut up~~~

This wasn't the 1st time I met weird Uncle. Last time, in KTM (again), an Indian uncle just took his cloth bag and started to throw stuffs on the floor~ like coins, fake teeth , etc~ Confirmed, I am a Weird Uncle Magnet which means that I am soon become a Weird Uncle in the future!!!!!!!

The story don't just end there. When I finally reached my stop, I realised that he was staying near by too~ In the midst of walking towards my home, he became a bir weirder when he suddenly shouted and talked to the air~ Then, he straightaway "released" by the road side with people walking passed. (@@)~~~

But, come to think of it, maybe he is either desperate for attention or as suggested by my medic friend, he got a disorder~ Anyhow, I think he just needs some1 to care for me~ So, have to treat your parents good good good oooo~

Anyway, just a bits and pieces of my life ~


Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Love Flying in The Lunar Night!

Oh yes, another MIA from me~ These few months were really unexpected busy! From internship to holiday, everything just seemed to "lum" together. Anyway, hahahaha~ I am in my hometown again~ Loving everything here! It is so weird. I have been spending my lifetime in hometown; yet, I feel nothing much about it until I leave this beautiful place. People really only start to appreciate when things are gone! Oh yeah!

Anyhow, I bet you are still scratching your head thinking how come I love flying in the lunar night?? Hahaha, it is my 1st Nike which I picked myself finally!~~Yes, previously, my dad always pass his old shoes to me to wear! This time, I finally have the chance to choose my NIKE. 

I know it sounds a bit exaggerating. Unlike my friends, they are rich and wealthy. I see them getting themselves a lot of pairs of NIKE. For me, I am usually a person who love 1 thing almost for a lifetime unless it is spoiled or lost or kena stolen. If not mistaken, this will be my shoes for the next 5 - 8 years~~No kidding!  So, no time being wasted, announce my baby:


Pretty right? I think this shoes really suits my personality. I love to brag~ But, not too much! Hahaha, if you notice, the shoes usually will remain under the radar. However, in the night, you will see it glowing!!! Yes!!! Loving it(^^)


LUNARFLY is such a beautiful name! I love everything from head to toe even some of friends said tat it is normal and not nice...It all goes back to personal taste (^^).....

Tata, planning to take my LUNARFLY a night jog (^^)


Thursday, August 4, 2011

The 4-Legged Creature A.K.A Monitor Lizard

I feel so much better right now. Thanks for your support my friend! I am less emo now (^^)

If you remember my previous posts on animals, you basically can guess that my house is a mini zoo. Sometimes, it also attracts some uninvited "wild" guests. For example, my Panda (German Shepherd) was killed by a Cobra... (here). Anyway, it was just another normal day when my dogs were barking crazily~

Just in an instance, my dad spotted the 4-legged creature! It was very huge! (I didn't even know the English name of this creature)..Haha, I have to admit my vocab sucks!~ Anyway, my brave dad who is always looking for adventure, decided to capture the monitor lizard himself. If for me, I will lock the door and ignore its existence. Hahaha~ look at how long it was!

No kidding! It was super long and we suspected that it was actually feeding on our fishes! Kesian our fish (><)~ Instead of killing it, papa decided to release it (放生). I think it is some sort of a way to redeem the sins we did intentionally and unintentionally. So, if you see any horrible abuse of animals, try to set them free! You are doing a good deed!

Oh yes, a close up! Its scale looks pretty right! My dad was trying to sort a number from its pattern. Haiz, how typical~ Like that also can derive number@@~~~

After that, we released it to the huge drain near our house. Hopefully,it will not be coming back~Did i mention that this is the 3rd monitor my dad caught? (@@)