Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tired and Emo Post

I think I should emo a bit! Even the freedom given in my internship, I can basically do what I feel like; I still need some restrictions. Oh yeah, how weird a person can be! I have a dozen stuffs to do in this week. It feels like I need a strong push to finish my work ASAP!!!!~~ Next week, I will be away to join a little programme. Hopefully, I will have lots of fun (^^) Sorry for the ultra short post because this is a tired and emo post ~~~

Heard a sad news: A teen committed suicide after being accused of molesting a girl. 

Appreciate Your Life!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sexy Ampang Yong Tau Foo@USJ

Oh my, my blog is losing a lot of visitors! So sad~~ Am I losing my touch or Am I getting old????? So scary...hahahahah~~juz kidding. Anyway, to attract more viewers, one of the most effective ways is to show some sexy foodie here! Oh yes!!!! Like what the other bloggers said, food porn???(^^)


I don't dare to say when I had this meal. But, indeed, it was one of the memorable ones. Located at USJ (but, Ampang delicacy), the restaurant offered special menus suitable for different number of people, quite convenient!

Included in the package we ordered, the vege was normal, but the fish was a bit over-cooked. However, overall, they were fine. But, they were not the main character for this post. Oh yes!!!!!!!! Coming up~~

Yes!!! They were the main actors in this case! The Yong Taufu!!!!!~~The fried dish was super nice! Oh well, fried stuffs are always nice to me(^^)!!!~~ The Yong Taufu was quite nice too because its filling was quite rich! Yes, no joking!!!~~~

If you try try, please tell me how was it(^^)~~~

It is time to get serious with my work!  So, bye bye for now, It is time to read a lot of journals (><)~~~


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Penang Tripping Day 3 Finale~

Oh noooo, I am feeling so tired and sleepy! How come? Maybe I played too much last night..Hahahaha~~Anyway, I am busy doing my internship already~ Haaa, should have stayed at home and relax(><)~~ Now, my super supervisor is so pushing me! Good, I need to prepare and work hard!

Oh well, it is the final chapter of my Penang Trip (Part 1 and Part 2). Finally!!! Hahaha, it was truly a great memory I wanted to share! The last day was a bliss! One the last day, we went to the Temple to have a look. It was really nice! The temple with The Sleeping Buddha!^^


As you can see, the Sleeping Buddha is huge! But, the calmness of the statue can give a sense of reality in heart. Oh my, I also don't know what I am talking about...Hahaha, just visit^^

Apart from that, I love this temple a lot is because of its internal architecture. The pattern there was quite nice and the workmanship is undoubted!



Wishes candles again! They are so beautiful with the shape of the lotus!

At the end, we took the ferry back home! I think it is quite nice instead of taking the bridge. Because we got to see a lot of jellyfish....hahhaahha!!!

Yoy, model of the day!!!!~~~Sorry for such a short post because I am really feeling tired >< ~~~
tata for nw~~


Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Meaning of Life: The Cat Lesson and Happy Parents' Day

I think education is very important. In this case, I mean instead of the usual education in school, I am referring to the lesson we learn in life and also from important individual such as our parents. Anyway, to continue the bits and puzzles of this story, you can find a little of hints from Part 1 and Part 2.

So, like humans, cats also teach their babies how to survive in this cruel world. One fine morning, I heard meowing from the backyard. So, I glimpsed through my windows. To my surprise, I thought there were kittens being abandoned. But, in actual, the black cat was actually training their babies. There are so many stuffs we can't learn from school! We must take action and learn from it!


It was hard to believe that these kittens actually stayed at my house before. Now, they could run and reach for their mother!


If you observe clearly, the mother was so aware of my "silent" presence! Since I started to snap photos of them, she was already "eye" on me! Oh yes, no kidding! Like any parents, she vowed to protect her children.

However, I hate to say this! Cats are just too independent! When they are mature enough, the mother will let them venture off just like the children will find their own journey in life. Well, I hope that all parents and children relationship are not like that. Learn to appreciate your parents' effort and time to raise you. You can be independent like the cat; but, don't abandon your family! Don't always take from your parent and remember to give back some tokens of appreciation!

Happy Parents' Day


Friday, June 17, 2011

Malaysia - Truly Wasting Money Like Water

Wow, the world is falling apart! With mega countries facing natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, forest fires, and any unimaginable events, Malaysia is also taking a great "leap" in developing its tourism sector, building sector and etc.

  1. The dunno-how-many-million 100 Mega Tower
  2. The 1.8 million webpage development
  3. The ISTANA~~~Wow, that 1 is......
So, first of all, why do we need another higher tower when we already have KL TOWER and TWIN TOWERS as the perfect display representation of Malaysia as a strong country. Renting out a 100-storey office is totally not easy~~~ When people have a lot of money and time, they will start to think of crazy stuffs and unrealistic stuffs.

Halo, Can you spend the money in useful places like transportation development. There are still so many places could not be assessed by train. Why not put the money in good place? Use them wisely to create a nation with one of the best train system in the world since Malaysia loves to be No.1 ! Of course, before that, look at the current KTM performance, super duper lousy! Improve it 1st before do anything else!

Then, 1.8 million to create webpages. Ok, fine. If you need that kind of money to do publicity~ But, when it comes to facebook, the charge is FOC? You need to hire programmers and web developers to design the stuffs, I also get it! However, the thing is that the money is definitely not well-spent because currently only 30k ppl like the page. Liking the page doesn't mean that the tourism is good and making money even when the like hits 120K by the end of the year!

So, my suggestion is that instead of using such money, find sponsors like PETRONAS, AIRASIA, MAS....I believe they will be thrilled to give the money! Then, organise a National Web Developing contest to award the winner with suitable amount of prize money and honour! Like that, not only the money can be saved, government can even make money and attract more local talents to serve the country!!!!!~~~This is just a simple business plan. SO , are you telling me that this is not workable?

Lastly, I can hardly comment of the PALACE (Istana). So, they need a new place to stay? Oh well, instead of purely becoming a residential area, make it to be a grand palace that is accessible as a museum or even a beautiful botanical garden. If not, the whole lot of land there will be wasteddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

Above all this, government is telling us that they don't have the money to send students to overseas anymore?????????@@ Speechless~~~


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Petaling Kam Kee Seafood 金记海鲜@Jalan Gasing

Oh yeah, life is so dull. Working life is no fun, but studying to me is rather boring. I am in the stage of feeling blurry. But, what is for sure - I will be super duper focus for my final year~~ Hopefully my results will be okay~ Anyway, it is foodie time(^^)!


There was this restaurant at Bukit Gasing. Oh yeah, this dog is cutely posing there!~


First, came the taufu with soy sauce! It was simply tasty(^^)


Second, steam fish with sauce. It was quite nice tooooo^^

More vege with eggplants was super nice (^^) toooo~~~And the last dish, oh well, it was a bit too salty!!!

This is truly a post with nice food with least word~~
juz feeling a bit tired today...hahahah, keep holding on, guys!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Moment of Glory in Life - National Chemical Engineering Symposium (NACES)

This morning, I finally collected my appointment letter and started my internship for 3 months. Yes, even though I did my internship last year, I still felt like doing something meaningful for this summer break. Ok, the pay is not high, well, I am rather keen in research. So, I do it for passion.

Anyhow, a couple of month ago, I was informed that I won the 3rd Prize for Technical Essay Writing for NACES. This was the 2nd time I joined the contest. The 1st time, I even failed to make it to the consolation prize. But, I didn't give up and decided to try again! I was spending more time to write up this essay as compared to last time. This time, yeah~~ I didn't expect to get 3rd. I know, in most people's mind, NO.1 is the best. To me, No.3 is already enough~ But, getting too many burden up my shoulder, my academic results suffered horribly. Oh well, at least, I got some pocket money^^~~

Gonna be busy interning and joining other events (^^)~~~ But, always keep in touch and leave comments here^^



Sunday, June 12, 2011

Remembering The Internship Farewell @ Boston @ DeGarden, Ipoh

Last year (sorry for sharing old news again), I was so busy that I missed out the time and the energy to talk about my internship. However, I did give it a little closure over here (here). Anyway, since I was already (forced) planning to do my Master degree, there was a little requirement from Board of Engineer Malaysia (BEM) - it is required for a student to participate in an industrial-related field for his/her internship in order to proceed the course ( quite mafan, however, good to ensure the quality~). But, glad that I went through it last year, some of my friends are doing this year because they were having fun in UK last year~~~ Ooooo.

Oh well, about a year ago, my department gave me a simple and delightful farewell. As a trainee, I was so flattered! Again, after 1 year, I still can vividly remember the process and the product! Thanks!!!!! So, they took me to Boston at DeGarden. DeGarden is the hip place in Ipoh now! 



From the pics, the restaurant was quite nice and comfy! It was like a typical Hong Kong restaurant like Kim Gary. To be honest, their services were quite good. 


However, the food was a bit let down. The appearances were super duper nice! But, the taste was a bit plain!~But, it was a year ago~~Perhaps, they have improved?!~~~


Yes, they were my colleagues who showed me a lot! Thanks after 1 year??? Is it a bit too late? LATE BETTER THAN NEVER~~~

Will be busy again~~~~~~~~(><)


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Nottingham Jump ! (^^)

I have stressed this a million times (><) Sorry for my "long breath"! Hahaha, actually, some of my friends are graduating this year for their Bachelor Degree. As for me, there will be another year of torture for Master Degree for me (><)!!!! Anyway, this post is not about me! It is about a gang of people who are jumping to say good bye? @@~~~~

Till we meet again! Remember to visit us next year !!!!!!!


Warming up (^^)!!!!


The Jumping Shot!!!!


The stagnant shot!!!!

My Best Wish To All Of Us Having a Great Year of Career, Studies, and Even Marriage (@@)...hahahaha


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Farewell at Kinta Riverfront Ipoh

I was digging up my photos. Omg, look what I found! Some photos I forgot to share with you all! Exactly 1 year ago, we had a small farewell for a friend who was leaving to Canada again! Don't laugh! Before I GOT THE CHANCE TO POST, he already returned from Canada this year (2011)....@@ Yup, how ironic! So, just assume that we farewell him this year!...hahahaha, by the way, this post was a continual from here - The Return of Perak Cave dated 5/12/2010.....(@@) hv to sweat myself.......


Hope that he is not mad! But, I already uploaded on my facebook, just din share the story here. Oh well, so, my fussy Canadian friend read the newspaper and said that he wanted to try this place - Kinta Riverfront. To my surprise, the atmosphere there was quite nice! By the riverside, it was so soothing and relaxing! and they were trying to pose some ghostly photos...hahahahah~


But, don't be so happy 1st! The food there was crazily EXPENSIVE! From the pics above, my friend's hand is and was larger than the plate! Oh yes!!!! Guess how much? RM 7.00 per plate, they didn't even serve us rice! The coco drink was still ok only. I think we ordered the wrong dishes already, should not try Indian food over there, the portion was so small~~But, the grill bar might oso end up to be the same..Oh well,  the only thing nice there was the environment. 

NOTE: It was already a year ago~~~If there are any misconceptual of this post, please correct me! Perhaps they improved their service already? If you have been visiting the same place, remember to tell me , ok ? thanks~~~


Despite all that, we had fun! That's what friend are for~~~ For FUN(^^) ~~And, the bridge there was pretty nice! I guess it will become a great landmark in Ipoh, if preservation of the area is well-maintained! It is great to see that Ipoh is finally moving!!!~~~


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Penang Tripping Day 2

Omg, I must finish story before going into another 1! Yes, this old story was more than half a year(><)!!! The tight schedule of a year 3 student made me postpone this post like crazy! If you look at my right panel, my production in this blog is also very low, well, it keeps on decreasing! 

2008 - 101; 2009 - 78; 2010 - 49; 2011 - 12 only~~~oh yes, this factory is going down if I don't do anything!!!~~hahahaa~~~ Therefore, let finish off Day 2 1st~~~ As a continue of Penang Trip Day 1, we had a crazy night playing games before heading to bed.

Actually,  I was super thrilled to be there because I hadn't been to Penang for a very loooooooooooong time already. This time, when we reached there, I was super surprised! The Kek Lok Si was still there, but, accompanying by its side, there was a new Guan Yin Statue woh!!!! A humongous 1 ~~


Not that I didn't like the new GuanYin Statue, but, it was just too large! It definitely over-shadowed the Kek Lok Si. The development of Kek Lok Si really didn't stop. Actually, I was hoping for a preservation instead of a development. Oh well, forget the environmental stuff for a while, just had fun with my friends~~~


The upper region of the temple was well-maintained. Loving the environment there! It was not to overly-tourist-centered unlike A' Famosa Resort (will blog about it soon)....Hmmm, I wonder how all of those guai guai or tortoises could survive in such a small space~~~But, they were definitely cute^^


Of course, this was the most memorable spot for me because when I was small, I used to take photos over here where my parents tricked to hug the buddha (><)~~~ How silly I was that time, so easily to be cheated~~~~


We took an escalator to reach the top-pest part of the temple. Behold!!!! The twelve Chinese Zodiacs!!! These reminded me of the Broga Hill Temple there. There were also 12 zodiacs over there ( here).


Oh yes, the main attraction of Kek Lok Si is now replaced by the super duper huge statue of the Guan Yin!!!! If you look from far, it was as if the descending goddess onto the Penang Land!!!!~~~


The Magnificient Full View of The Guan Yin at Kek Lok Si

Before heading down the Kek Lok Si, my friend there set a wishing candle or some sort....It was like a wishing tree or something! Yeah, it was kinda calm after making a little wish(^^)



Friday, June 3, 2011

A Blog To Remember

It had been more than a week since my last paper. This year, the feeling is totally different! Unlike previous years, it is more like looking forward to seeing you again after the summer break. However, some of friends chose 3-year-course. Therefore, I am not going to see them after summer break. Well, we didn't actually say goodbye though even having the mini photo section for Chemical Engineering. Perhaps, it is better like that?

So, after deserting my blog for that long, I am finally picking up the pace and checking updates that I have missed for this long period. To my surprise, there are so many of my bloggers friends decided to either close their blog or set their blog into private. OMG~Just like that, I lost some interesting friends back here. Well, this is definitely not the 1st time. I have some bloggers which we constantly keep in touch via blog suddenly stop updating~ Maybe you are fed up with blogging? feeling frustrated in some moment?

Well, it is your blog~ I just wanna said that if you feel tired, just leave the blog alone~ Don't delete it becoz I believe that every blog contains some nice memories! Well, in my blog, I have a lot of crazy, happy, angry, sad, weird posts!!!! Don't just wipe out ur own existence~~~ If u wan to set it to private, rmb to invite me???~~~

To keep in touch, my friends, you are welcome to add me via my facebook@: