Sunday, June 5, 2011

Penang Tripping Day 2

Omg, I must finish story before going into another 1! Yes, this old story was more than half a year(><)!!! The tight schedule of a year 3 student made me postpone this post like crazy! If you look at my right panel, my production in this blog is also very low, well, it keeps on decreasing! 

2008 - 101; 2009 - 78; 2010 - 49; 2011 - 12 only~~~oh yes, this factory is going down if I don't do anything!!!~~hahahaa~~~ Therefore, let finish off Day 2 1st~~~ As a continue of Penang Trip Day 1, we had a crazy night playing games before heading to bed.

Actually,  I was super thrilled to be there because I hadn't been to Penang for a very loooooooooooong time already. This time, when we reached there, I was super surprised! The Kek Lok Si was still there, but, accompanying by its side, there was a new Guan Yin Statue woh!!!! A humongous 1 ~~


Not that I didn't like the new GuanYin Statue, but, it was just too large! It definitely over-shadowed the Kek Lok Si. The development of Kek Lok Si really didn't stop. Actually, I was hoping for a preservation instead of a development. Oh well, forget the environmental stuff for a while, just had fun with my friends~~~


The upper region of the temple was well-maintained. Loving the environment there! It was not to overly-tourist-centered unlike A' Famosa Resort (will blog about it soon)....Hmmm, I wonder how all of those guai guai or tortoises could survive in such a small space~~~But, they were definitely cute^^


Of course, this was the most memorable spot for me because when I was small, I used to take photos over here where my parents tricked to hug the buddha (><)~~~ How silly I was that time, so easily to be cheated~~~~


We took an escalator to reach the top-pest part of the temple. Behold!!!! The twelve Chinese Zodiacs!!! These reminded me of the Broga Hill Temple there. There were also 12 zodiacs over there ( here).


Oh yes, the main attraction of Kek Lok Si is now replaced by the super duper huge statue of the Guan Yin!!!! If you look from far, it was as if the descending goddess onto the Penang Land!!!!~~~


The Magnificient Full View of The Guan Yin at Kek Lok Si

Before heading down the Kek Lok Si, my friend there set a wishing candle or some sort....It was like a wishing tree or something! Yeah, it was kinda calm after making a little wish(^^)




Pete said...

Just came back from Penang, real heavy traffic along Ayer Itam road...

Fresh Garden said...

I was in Malaysia last year, when I think of Penang, I think of Hokkien; when I think of KL, I think of Cantonist.

Kendra Bing said...

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ken said...

been to kek lok si last year..
the statue really damn huge.. hehe..
but can be very hot weather :)

Sebastian Workshop said...

I thought you are studying in uk now..

Xjion89 said...

[Pete] yup, hv to be daring too on the Penang road~^^

[Fresh Garden] hahaha, true~how abt Ipoh, Perak?

[Kendra Bing] Thanks^^

[Ken] that time, i went thre with cool weather becoz it was raining a bit only..lucky me^^

[Sebastian] I tot the Master of Engineering course, so, no chance to go UK liao~~ suan lah, might follow ur footstep and go NZ after working...btw, do u hv fb acc? can keep in touch mah^^

Small Kucing said...

the 1st photo ...the cloud at the temple looks like two people head looking right